Friday, 13 April 2018

Have You Had A Traumatic Time?


Most people have had traumatic times at some point in their lives.  It is natural and it is life, but when it's over then that is when you really need to look after yourself.  During the trauma you have to cope, you have to keep going, you have to do what you need to do to cope and handle it.  This is a strain on your body, but it handles it.  It does its best for you.  When it's over your body needs support and nurturing it has endured that trauma too.

After the trauma is over is also when all the suppressed emotions can come flooding to the surface.  All the feeling you had to push away to cope, all the pain, sadness, anger, need to come out, and need to be released.  At the time you couldn't even acknowledge how hard and difficult it was, how painful it was, because you needed to cope.  Now you stand back and see it all. 

Now you must nurture yourself, and do the inner work on yourself, releasing all that trauma, all that sadness. This way your body can let go, your mind can let go, and your emotions can let go, allowing your whole being to find the balance and peace again.

A lovely way to do this is through a one to one appointment, where you are guided on an inner journey, which you are in control of, to heal and release in the gentlest most beneficial way, all you need to let go of, allowing you to feel light and free afterwards, like a weight has been lifted from you. 

Are you ready to heal and let go, and allow all the love and joy to fill your life?

Contact me for a free initial consultation over the phone to discuss what would work for you.  I look forward to guiding you forward.  

Love and blessings.
Anne xx
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