Many People have that special bond with a pet.  It is a though it is one of the family. When that pet passes away the grief can be as strong as loosing a family member or friend and people are left heart broken. 

Using Past Life Regression it is possible to go back in time and see if there has been a previous life spent together.  

It is also possible to travel forward in time using Future Life Progression to see if you will have a future life together.

This can be very comforting, healing and help you to understand why there is such a deep bond and connection between you.  Knowing that the love and connection between you never dies.  Love continues ........

Appointment available:

You think of your pet as a member of the family.  It brings you unconditional love.  There is that special bond.  This is more than that usual relationship with a pet.  Have you had a past life together, will you have a future life together?  Using Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression you can ask these questions.  This appointment is especially beneficial after the loss of your special pet to ask these questions and bring comfort and understanding.
Appointment £80.00 (available in person or as a Skype appointment)

Please feel free to contact me to find out more about this and to book your appointment.  

Anne x

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