Friday 23 July 2010

Introduction to The Journey

This is by Brandon Bays, who created the Journey process, and author of the book 'The Journey'.


The power of our thoughts and words are far greater than we realise.  That's why affirmations work.  They tell our mind a positive suggestion and our subconscious just listens and accepts it. 

Try saying 'I can do it', over and over again, it doesn't have to be in relation to anything, it's just a positive phrase to teach your mind.  Then in times of crisis you have a choice of the old thought, 'I can't do it', or the new thought 'I can do it'.  From that positive place of thinking 'I can do it' you can connect to the wisdom within that has the answers.  It's really quite simple, just try it, it's reprogramming your mind.