BUSINESS TESTIMONIAL – Ian Legard November 2023 

I have been in business for more than 20 years and built a group of companies from scratch to a turnover of more than £8m per annum. In my experience I have always looked internally for answers when faced with the various challenges that have appeared during that time, being a believer in the external circumstances pretty much mirroring what is going on inside a person. So on that basis I will always work on myself for answers and not directly on the problem as doing that will always change the way you view something and generally give you the insight you need to move around it. 

In recent years I seemed to reach a ceiling in terms of where I thought I could go and as such seemed to lose my purpose. At only 57 years old I still felt I had more to offer this life and was not ready to take a back seat.

I engaged with a life coach to talk through some of the issues holding me back and we concluded that I might benefit from looking at my past lives to see what was locked inside. The results were nothing short of profound and life changing and whilst I won't go into the detail, Anne has a wonderful way of guiding her clients through the process and even when the locked in memories are traumatic, carefully navigating through the experience.

Following my session I now have lasting clarity and energy, also everything has regained a sense of enjoyment for me and life has its shine back again.

So thank you Anne, I will be forever grateful for your help.

Anyone reading this, keep an open mind and try it, you may well be pleasantly surprised by what you find! 

Ian Legard - Managing Director Procuria Holdings Limited

November 2023

Comments after Transformation Through Relaxation and The Clearance Appointment
I'm so very grateful, you've lifted a weight from my shoulders and I feel liberated and renewed. 

Comments after Old Pain 2 Go and Journey Therapy
Anne Winslow is the lady who is changing my life for good.  Anne has done more for me in two treatments than the medics have done for me my whole life.  Holistic is the way forward, no side effects, way to go xx

Comment after Old Pain 2 Go
The new treatment I had on Thursday is the most relief I have had ever and I now have techniques to use to take me to that relaxed space again, thanks to the amazing Anne Winslow xx

Testimonial after attending Group Session
"I attended Anne's morning group last Tuesday and I knew it was going to be a special session because as I drove in my car there was a beautiful vivid rainbow guiding me there. 
Anne shared the concept that by just simply switching off we could achieve the results we desire. Not everyone understands how important it is to take time out and to switch off once in a while. The results for me have been amazing, attending Anne's sessions have really helped my dreams come true by having the time to focus on my future happiness and success. 
Last week Anne guided us to picture our perfect holiday and at that time I wasn't thinking that a holiday would be possible however I imagined me and my partner relaxing on the beach, the sun was shining we were having a lovely time. And guess what it works.......within a week of this visualisation I have been given the opportunity to spend a weeks holiday away on a beach in the sun 🌞 Your thoughts are your future let Anne help you to get the future happiness and success you deserve. Thank you so much Anne for making our dreams come true"

Tesiminial after The Clearance Appointment and Future Life Progression posted on Facebook
A big Thank you to Anne Winslow if you ever get a chance to go to one of Anne's Sessions then give it a go. I have been into journey work for about fifteen years and try and get a session when I have big stuff I need to get through. Mine was family stuff and getting through a few last blocks with my business. 

I had a one to one session last Thursday and so many wonderful things are starting to flow and my classes and Yin Yang is really starting to grow. I am meeting all the right people who can help me to help others with disabilities. it is close to my heart because it has taken my twenty years of studying in social care and learning about yoga, Pilates and holistic therapies. Having dyslexia and dyspraxia myself this has not been easy. I am also very prevailed to be working with Harold Coggins who I am working with to get Yoga out to more people with medical conditions and chronic illnesses. Namaste  

Kellly Chester Pilates/Yin Yang Instructor

Clients Experiences after Journey Therapy, Transformation Through Relaxtion incorporating the Healing Codes, Soul Retrieval, The Clearance and Past Life Regression
18 Months ago I was a mental mess. Holding onto guilt, anger, resentment and past events, I wasn’t sleeping very well, found it really hard to make decisions and was a big bundle of emotions that could get triggered into any response at any time. I was unhappy, unpredictable and looking back, spent most of my time really anxious about the future, upset about the past and living in the present moment was impossible. All I did was fret through the night and sleep walk through my days. 

It wasn’t much fun for me and it wasn’t much fun for my family. Work was tough as I wasn’t emotionally committed and knew I needed to change jobs but was holding onto what was familiar. If you had met me then, you would have been able to smell my fear at 20 paces!

I contacted Anne having read Brandon Bays’ book and just knew the answers would come from within, as would the process of letting go.

I had quite a few sessions with Anne in quick succession and learnt very quickly she is not to be underestimated! And so my journey to happiness began. Sometimes the calls were monthly, sometimes longer periods of time went by whilst I adjusted into the person I was becoming, the true me, the lady who I was born to be.

18 months on, it’s hard to look back and see just how unhappy I was before Anne and I started working together. I have made significant changes in my life that were effortless because I knew they were right, I am more engaging with myself and with those around me. I have an inner confidence that can’t be rocked by others opinions or judgements. The family are all happy and settled and our relationships now are what they were meant to be – supportive and loving. No more confrontation and anger. And my inner turmoil has left for good.

I am happy!

Anne is without doubt the most professional person I have had the privilege to work with. She takes the time to find out where you are at, what you need, discusses it and in every call, I always know it’s my agenda we are working on. She lets me set the pace, sometimes I want to really go for it, other times a gentler and shorter approach is needed and somehow she intuitively connects to me and just knows what is right at the time.

There is no doubt that working on my own inner journey with such a gifted and professional person has given me my life, the present day and my future back.  

I am happy to give a (private and confidential) phone call testimonial to share my journey and help you to decide for yourself if it is for you. All I can say is, I now don’t look back.

Her gift is so great, the only thing you lose by working with Anne are the things that are no longer helpful. 

Professional Lady from Derbyshire

Journey Therapy and Future Life Progression Appointment
I had a future and journey therapy session with Anne a few months ago. It was a really lovely gentle session. I have had lots of healing work before and know it really works. It is great to use when you have areas in your life where you feel stuck. I knew what I wanted to achieve in my session and it worked in so many ways. I was given lots of tools to use afterwards and still continue to use them.

I got some great clarity and I have had lots of wonderful opportunities happening for me since the session. Anne is a fantastic listener who also continues to keep learning new skills to share with everyone. She is very passionate about what she does.

Thank you Anne x
Kelly Pilates teacher and personal trainer.

Testimonial from a Medical Doctor
Being a Journey Practitioner myself, I had already experienced many processes. My Journey Process with Anne felt like a special one. It was facilitated with great care, and I felt warmly supported from beginning to end. I found Anne to be an intuitive practitioner who worked patiently and compassionately helping me to reach a deep, loving place within myself. At the end of the process I felt like a rug had been pulled away from underneath, as I let go of something strong that I had stored for a long time. I am now feeling more open and more free. Thank you Anne for a beautiful process.


Journey Practitioner and Medical Doctor

One Year After Working With Journey Therapy

Anne is a warm, generous, caring person.  I came across her at a time when I was really struggling, and working with her helped me feel more calm and centred.  I started looking at how my own anxieties were actually causing my biggest problems in life. 

 At a time when I felt really alone, Anne truly cared about my well-being, was totally non-judgmental and helped me get in touch with my "inner guide."  With practice, it’s become easier to listen to myself instead of all the "should" and "shouldn'ts" in my head.  As a result, I've began making progress on projects that were stagnant for a long time, my husband and I are much closer, and I've connected with my sister again after years of distance. 

I would recommend Anne to anyone who is ready to make a big change in their life, to feel happier, more love and more spiritually connected to the world.   
Sarah Strand, Arizona, USA

Long Term Benefits of Journey Therapy
Journey therapy quite literally turned my life around. I would highly recommend Anne to anyone.
Anne uses meditation during journey therapy and you go within to find any parts of yourself that need healing. You are in control the whole way through and issues are gently looked into. They are thought about, talked through by saying the emotions you feel/felt and are let go with love and light (if appropriate) there is a part of the therapy where you 'cut cords' to past experiences and feelings.
I addressed things that would have taken a councillor years to reveal in just my initial session. The feeling of being free and light is absolutely amazing. Anne is qualified and very experienced and I felt completely at ease with her throughout my journey therapy.

I can honestly say that I wouldn't be as happy and balanced as I am today without my first session with Anne 3 years ago.   
Sam, Cleethorpes

11 Years of Stomach Issues Resolved
Thank you Anne for the amazing Journey Therapy.  I can't believe what it has done for me, it's just magical. After eleven years of problems with my stomach which were triggered by stress, e.g. painful knotted stomach, indigestion and even a swollen gall bladder, I thought I would have to take tablets for the rest of my life and a friend suggested a different approach to my problems - Quest Therapies. So I gave it a try and I am so glad I did!!!  

From the day I had the Journey Therapy my stomach is like new and I don't need the tablets any more, this is truly amazing!!  I feel blessed that this burden I had with my stomach every day has just gone!!! But not only that, it has helped me so much with other issues e.g. grief. 
I would highly recommend Anne Winslow - Journey Therapies for absolutely any physical or emotional problems, the benefits are just incredible, this lady is amazing !!!
Thank you Anne x        

Mrs K Garrod      

Anxiety and Relationships (2 issues)
I've had 3 sessions with Anne and I'm AMAZED with the results.  Anxieties I've had since adolescence have gone down significantly, WAY more than when I was on anti-anxiety medication, since we resolved what was CAUSING the anxiety in the first place!  

My relationship with my husband and parents has improved in ways I'd hoped possible but before Anne, I didn't know how it would ever get there.  I've learned it's not about trying harder, but about letting go of what is standing in the way.

Anne is warm, caring and totally open minded person and I'd recommend her to anyone who is ready for major positive changes in their life!  
Sarah Strand, USA

Journey Therapy Appointment
Comment on Facebook after appointment.

Thank you Anne for an amazing 'Journey'.  I'm still very blissed out and the best I've felt in years. You have a true gift!xx  
Ella Basile

Full Testimonial that followed :
After reading 'The Journey' (by Brandon Bays) I decided to go to Anne to take me through it.  And I am soo glad I did!  I was a little apprehensive about doing such deep work with a stranger over the phone but then I thought .. no it's even better because she doesn't know me .. I can say anything I like, I don't have to feel like a people pleaser!

Talking to Anne I felt like I'd known her for years and she immediately put me at ease!  She lead me through each stage in a calm and also very thorough manner, which I valued most as there was no rush, I din't have to think about the time, I was gently led through this life transforming guided meditation.

For me personally, as well as working through many feelings and issues, I had good feelings and emotions as well as facing things buried so deep I hadn't even thought they they would have effected myself and more importantly my health.

At the beginning of the Journey Anne asked me what I would like to get out of the journey.  As well as having many health issues, I suffered from anxiety and nerves, I rush around like there was no tomorrow and I wanted peace and calm.

Since the Journey all I have felt is peace and calm!  I have become the relaxed person I have always wanted to be and not only do I feel better in myself, my blood tests have come back with amazing results which confirms that I am certainly on the right path to better health!  Having done the Journey with a practitioner I would advise everyone to do the same, as I feel if you do it with an inexperienced person such as a friend or family member as the book suggests, the person may influence you rather than guide you, or you may feel that you do not want to discuss what comes up for you with that person.  Anne patiently guided me in a calm and relaxed manner and I never felt uneasy through the 2 and a half hours that we worked together on my Journey.

I feel happy, relaxed, healthy and FREE!  Thanks Anne for your patience, calmness, empathy and professionalism.  You are a true spiritual healer and are the guide to help us all unlock whatever has held us back, and show us the true path to freedom and happiness.  
Ella Basile

Comments from Client who first experienced Journey Therapy in March 2010
What you DO IS AMAZING! and has changed my life forever! ...... I have realised not only did it help me with the passing of my dear Mum, but also new life challenges that have burdened me, I have dealt with in a way that I would never have thought of!

The lessons I learned are going to stay with me for life.  I know it sounds SO cheesey! but it SO TRUE.  xxxx  
Debbie Roe, Doncaster August 2012

Evening Group - Transformation Through Relaxation
Was I open to relaxation, yes this appealed to me, as I felt my life had been through stressful, unhappy times in the past. 

This is more than relaxation, which in itself is wonderful, it’s a whole new life and each day can bring peaceful, positive feelings, which will open doors that make a happier life, as it has for me.

I would like to share synchronicity.  I was unsure until I experienced it for myself.  While in a relaxation session, I felt like I no longer wanted parts of my childhood which were negative and constantly made me sad and at times have taken my self esteem and confidence to a low. 

In my mind I imagined all the scenes of my past and the feelings that did not feel good, I let the wind take them away as Anne suggested in the relaxation.  I replaced them with positive thoughts and forgiveness.  I returned home after the evening group and I had only been home around 10 minutes when the phone rang.  This I felt would be my friend, NO to my surprise it was my Dad, who I had not heard from for a very long time, and when I did it was not a pleasant experience.

Only this time it was different, he had rang to say he was sorry for the past and he felt he was responsible for how things had been.  He also wanted to tell me he loved me.  I give thanks to the Universe   
Jane, Grimsby

Grief and Relationship Issues
I decided to book a one to one appointment with Anne for a Journey Therapy session as I felt she could help me with my grief and relationship issues.  The therapy was a releasement of repressed memories and emotions which was very powerful and deep.  It has helped me immensely and I feel much better in myself.  I would even go on to say that I feel I have lost a stone in weight, although I haven't, it feels like I have .  I would highly recommend this to anyone whatever their needs.  
Tracey Blanchard, Grimsby

Healing Codes Appointment
Since my one to one meeting with Anne I can honestly say things have changed so much in a very positive way.  Anne taught me the healing codes which I now use everyday and they really do make a difference to me.

Anne is an extremely warm and pleasant person who radiates positivity and well being where ever she is.

I would recommend a visit to Anne to any one who is feeling low, grieving, or trying to deal with life's ups and downs.  Anne  just seems to know how you are feeling and her words of comfort immediately made me feel so much brighter.  

Julie Rigby, Grimsby

Transformation Through Relaxation - new evening group
Many thanks for this evening, Anne. I feel much calmer and strangely refreshed too! A wonderful positive experience with you, as always. Thank you.
Julie x   N.E Lincs. 

A New Relationship with Food and Weight Appointment
"I was given Anne's number by a friend who really recommend I see her before trying another slimming club (and most likely failing again!)

So very sceptically I called Anne and had a really positive and uplifting chat which made my mind up to visit her. I was welcomed into her home therapy room which was lovely but was still very sceptical. How could I solve my weight issues like this? I have no major worries in my life and I feel reasonable happy most of the time, but once there I thought well I'm here now may as well go with the flow....nothing to lose.......So after 3 hours of talk and relaxation and the full journey therapy i had worked through issues I never even thought i would come to the surface again.

After the 3 hours I left feeling like a weight had been lifted, I had closure on some issues I had buried over the years and finally feel very positive about me, and starting a new healthier lifestyle.

And sure enough all the advice and guidance given by Anne has made me view food and my weight in a completely different light....Light being the operative word I am shedding the pounds faster than I would ever have done at a slimming club. But most importantly I feel back on track and back in charge of what i do and what I eat thanks to Anne"
Zoe, Lincolnshire

4 Weeks after first appointment – Zoe is ONE STONE LIGHTER
Hi Anne, Just to let you know ….. I HAVE LOST A STONE!!! Woo Hoo.  Very happy and feeling much better.  Aiming for another 71lbs now! x Zoe

"I feel fantastic!  And have this new out look towards food & myself.  I was one of those that went from one fad diet to the next fad diet!  After an amazing session with Anne I lost 5lbs in 2 weeks over Christmas! and then a further 3lb.. that’s over half a stone and already I am seeing the difference!  I am 100%, that my new outlook will stay with me for life.....................Oh and it’s EASY!..sounds too good to be true, all I can say is try it for yourself, not only will your out look change you will feel better for being you"
Debbie, Lincolnshire  

"I visited Anne on two occasions as I was feeling depressed and having difficulty dealing with some traumatic experiences in my life. Talking to Anne and experiencing the Journey process allowed me to release all negative feelings and thoughts and helped me come to terms with everything that had happened in the past. It was an emotional and inspiring experience but Anne guided me through it with sympathy and confidence. I now feel more positive and more at peace with myself.

 Whenever I feel down I practice what Anne told me and it helps to face upto and deal with any new problems or heartaches."
Judith, Grimsby

Anne is one of the most positive and inspiring people I have ever met. Her outlook is not of the “happy-clappy-all-is-rosy-in-the-garden” variety, but one that stems from a genuine desire to help people learn to identify, fully experience and finally release emotional wounds, anxieties and pain. My own experience of Journey Therapy is that this deep healing process can have some unexpected and very pleasing short and longer term results!

I visited Anne one warm spring day in 2010. I had no idea what to expect and no expectation of results. During the session there were moments when I felt uncomfortable and distressed, but this enabled me to face up to some relationship issues and emotional aches that have burdened me since my childhood and teens. However, at no point did I feel “out of control” during the therapy session and this was clearly due to Anne’s calming presence, expertise and professional guidance. Immediately afterwards I felt both deeply relaxed and fully refreshed.

As a trainee singer, I often experience “blocks” when it comes to achieving the next level of expertise, and I struggle to find confidence and voice projection during performances and stressful singing and music exams. Two weeks after my session with Anne, I stood in a cavernous church hall, alone except for the company of one grim-faced examiner, (an “old school” type who makes no effort to ease your exam nerves, notices every blip and nuance, and whose weary demeanour suggests that he has simply seen and heard it all before). This was a turning point for me: I sang with uncustomary freedom and soul…and I enjoyed every minute! I was thrilled to pass this exam with honours!

One year on, I realise that one of the understated, positive and inspiring effects of Journey Therapy, is to reveal a path towards self-acceptance and self-love.
Julie, North East Lincolnshire

Dear Anne,

I cannot thank you enough for the way that my life has been turned around since I discovered your wonderful services.

Having recently lost my beloved soul mate very suddenly, after thirty three happy years I was trying to cope again with life without him. I felt lost lonely and afraid and could not see any future for me or a reason to carry on living and was crying all the time. It was in desperation that I thankfully found you.

One session with you changed my whole life and spiritual being. We went on a "journey" together on which you encouraged me face my fears and troubles and helped me to better understand and cope and come to terms with the past. I arrived back to re- discover my true self and to know that my beloved is still walking by my side. Such a beautiful feeling to know that I really am not alone and with that thought, I can now face the world again!

I feel more positive in my attitude to life and at peace with myself. The afternoon that I came to see you lifted my spirits and my heart and I can now embrace life once more.

Peace, light and love to Anne
Roz Riggall, Louth, Lincolnshire

As a client who has taken 'the journey process' with Anne I feel able to share some of my experiences so that others may see the benefits that I have through their own experience.

The journey process is a gentle and safe experience. It certainly was when working with Anne who has an empathy and understanding of the needs of those she works with. Taking the journey allowed me to go to places within myself that I had not been before and experience feelings of joy and peace and love. For my part when I met Anne and underwent this therapy, I was not the best of places in terms of relationships with others (past and present) as well as relationships with myself. The journey allowed me to find qualities within me, to let go of feelings that were keeping me stuck in a place where negative thoughts and feelings existed. As I look back and reflect I understand now that the feelings of joy, peace and love have always been there but they were buried by so much other stuff. The journey allowed me to clear my clutter and find new ways of seeing life. It heightened my awareness of myself and the good things, people, experiences and feelings that have always been in my life. I would recommend anyone who is not the best of places to take a journey with Anne.
June, Cleethorpes

Grief and Transformation
For six years I felt lost in life, I never actually knew my true path. After endless dead end jobs and bouts of depression lingering over me, I knew deep inside 'something' had to change, but I just didn't know what.
Last year in August 2009 I lost my best friend who was also my Mum. "Could this really be happening?" - I was living a nightmare with a broken heart.
Eight months later I met Anne who I found out to be a journey therapist, I had no idea what this therapy was all about? But I thought .. 'There's no harm in giving it a go?'.. I had my first therapy session, it was completely utterly amazing! and Anne was so welcoming, I felt instantly comfortable with her.
Thank you Anne, with your amazing therapy, I have now found 'me' again, I have found my true path, which is painting, I am doing really well exhibiting my work, I look at life differently, I am more positive and just very very happy!
I have also come to peace with a vast amount of issues with loosing my Mum - I'm smiling again!"
Debbie, Cleethorpes

Comment from Anne
With regard to Debbie having come to peace with a vast amount of issues with loosing her Mum. Grief is a process that has to be worked through, no therapy can take it away. Journey Therapy helps you to release the pain, so you don't have to carry it around with you for the rest of your life, and still find joy in your life at the same time

I love the journey process and am grateful to you for bringing it to our town and into my life. Thanks Anne.

I had an appointment with Anne which was very powerful. It helped me improve my strained relationship with my father. After the session I really felt different towards him and my improved behavior towards him was noticed by others.

Thanks Anne
John - Grimsby.