Tuesday 28 May 2013

The Tropical Island In Your Back Garden

What a great Bank Holiday Weekend.  The weather gave its gift of warmth and sun which can bring such joy and fun for everyone.  I hope you managed to enjoy it.

I actually sunbathed and imagined I was on some lovely tropical island, living in bliss.  It worked well because basically most things we want are only a feeling, and the feeling I want from my tropical island is the basking in the sun, relaxed and peaceful. Hey Presto, eyes closed, and I had it!  I could hear the birds singing in the background and I realised being on a tropical island, couldn’t give me any more than I had in that moment.  OK I can’t have a quick swim in the warm, clear water, and a barman isn’t going to bring me a cocktail, but hey even that could be possible if I spoke nicely to my husband!!

This is food for thought, don’t wait for things to change to be happy, look at what the feeling is you want and see if you can get that feeling now.  I didn’t need to pay out thousands of pounds and travel half way across the world to get what I wanted.  It was there in my back garden all I needed was the sun to smile down on me and be receptive to it.

I am finding that as technology has advanced so has healing energy and techniques.  Clients are having very positive experiences and joyfully letting go of all they do not want - known, unknown, remembered and forgotten and I’m now teaching ways that you can carry on this healing yourself on a daily basis.  I view my role as helping clients with the BIG ISSUES and teaching them how to help themselves with the smaller issues. That way you become empowered to handle your own life and the everyday stresses that life throws at you.

Some fantastic news came to my attention today.  A Journey Therapist has been used, with amazing results, in the Channel 4 Documentary ‘The Hoarder Next Door’.  Acknowledging that will power and support is not enough, the root cause needs to be addressed and healed within.   This applies to most issues in our life.  A problem can’t be solved at the level it was created – Albert Einstein.  In other words we need to go deep within and heal it there, which is one of the amazing techniques of Journey Therapy.

Let’s hope this bank holiday is the start of a lovely warm summer and we can all enjoy our tropical island in our back gardens.

I offer one to one appointments both in person or by telephone or Skype.

I look forward to our paths crossing.

Love and blessings.


Monday 6 May 2013

How Journey Therapy Can Be Transformational

Thank you Anne for the amazing Journey Therapy.  I can't believe what it has done for me, it's just magical.  After eleven years of problems with my stomach which were triggered by stress, e.g. painful knotted stomach, indigestion and even a swollen gall bladder, I thought I would have to take tablets for the rest of my life and a friend suggested a different approach to my problems - Quest Therapies. So I gave it a try and I am so glad I did!!!  

From the day I had the Journey Therapy my stomach is like new and I don't need the tablets any more, this is truly amazing!!  I feel blessed that this burden I had with my stomach every day has just gone!!!  But not only that, it has helped me so much with other issues e.g. grief.  I would highly recommend Anne Winslow-Journey Therapies for absolutely any physical or emotional problems, the benefits are just incredible, this lady is amazing !!!
Thank you Anne x               Mrs K Garrod, May 2013