Are you suffering with long term pain, and all that can be offered is pain killers that no longer work?

OldPain2Go is a new therapy and technique that I now offer, and it is having amazing results. It is designed to turn off old pain that is no longer needed as a warning to the body. When the pain as been checked out by the medical profession and all that can be offered is pain killers or put up with it, then this could be the appointment for you.  It is especially beneficial for old injuries and arthritis.

There is no touching or manipulating involved, it's all about talking and relaxing and it works.

What people are saying about this appointment:

"I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me.  I have suffered with chronic neck pain for 20 years and I have been on strong pain killers for all that time.  The doctors told me that I just had to learn to live with the pain.  I have tried to come off the painkillers many times, without success.  On the day I say you, you asked me to give you a number form 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst possible.  It was a 9.  You got that down to a 0 and it is still zero.  I highly recommend anyone with chronic pain to go and see Anne.  It will change your life!"

"The new treatment I had is the most relief I have had ever, and I now have techniques to use to take me to that relaxed space again."

"I would recommend you see Anne if you suffer from chronic pain.  I thought there was no hope for me as I had been suffering for so many years and it took just one session to take the pain away.

"I have been going for walks, which I could not do before I saw you.  Thank you so much"

For more information and to book your appointment please call me on 07757 26 30 26.  

SPECIAL PROMOTION - Appointment - £80.00 (available in person or by Skype/telephone)
(FULL PRICE £100.00)

Disclaimer - If you wish to reduce or stop any medication then medical support must be obtained.  This appointment does not take the place of medical advice and assistance. You will be accepting full responsibility for turning the pain off, and advised to take note of any new pain, if it arises, and seek medical attention.  

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