Privacy Policy - Data Protection - GDPR

Because of the nature of my work, I have always operated good security with my records, and any of your details.  If you have had a one to one appointment with me, then your personal notes are hand written at the time, so that I am able to share with you any details from your inner journey, and also able to remember details at a later date, so I can offer you further support. These notes are not shared with anyone else.

For e-mail contact and Newsletters I will also have your details if you are, or have been a client, or attended one of my workshops/group sessions, or an event, or you have expressed and interest in what I do.  These details are not passed on to anyone else.  I have them so I can enquire how you are, offer support, share upcoming events, what I offer, and information I hope would be beneficial to you.  You always have the right to opt out.

Privacy is important to me.  I am glad our paths cross and look forward to continuing to meet new people and clients.  Each person I work with takes a great leap of faith and trust in me, stepping into the unknown, and I appreciate that and admire you for your willingness to do so.  It is a great honour to guide you on inner journeys of transformation and to share wisdom together.  

Love and blessings.
Anne x

All Therapies are for therapeutic purposes, accessing your own answers.  This does not take the place of professional, legal and medical advice, which should be consulted before making any decisions or taking any action.

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