Monday 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Merry Christmas to YOU.  I hope you have an amazing time and feel the loving energies of the universe coming to you. There is something magical about this time of the year, do what brings you joy and know you deserve to be happy.

May 2013 be the best year of your life so far and let us all learn to live in harmony and peace.


Friday 23 November 2012

The Wonder of Life and Transformational Healing

How time has flown bye.  It is two years next week since I moved to Tetney.  We moved as the snow fell heavily around us, unable to pop to B & Q on the evening, the roads were so bad we had to turn back.  The next morning we woke to a foot of snow and how magical it was.  The village seemed to step back in time with everyone out in wellies walking to the Spar shop!

So village life has been lovely over the past 2 years.  The people are so friendly and never cease to amaze me.  Yesterday I had a client from out of town and as the street I live on doesn't have house numbers just names, I told her I would leave my mobile on so I could guide her to the house for the first visit.  Anyway no mobile call just a knock at the door.  Congratulating my client on finding the property, she said that she was driving slow looking for it and a red car pulled up and asked where she was looking for.  Upon telling him, he told her to follow him and turned his car round and guided her to my drive!!  The world really still is a nice place to live and there still are lots of lovely people out there.

I'm still offering Journey Therapy to clients, which seems to get more and more amazing and powerful.  I went on an 'Advanced Practitioner's Only' training retreat in October and how great it was to be receiving therapy myself for 3 days (we work in two's and swop over).  I have noticed that my neck and left shoulder, that had been a very weak area for a long while, causing quite a lot of pain, seems to have HEALED!!  And because of that I have been able to go back to the gym which I am loving.  

A client I saw recently said 'I'd forgotten how powerful Journey Therapy was" after having a long gap between appointments and I can say I feel the same after my 3 intense days receiving (and giving) Journey Therapy.

I'm also now offering TRANSFORMATION THROUGH RELAXATION appointments which incorporate the 'Healing Codes'.   On an appointment you learn how to do the Healing Codes for yourself and receive a healing codes therapy session.  They are designed to take the stress out of your body and heal the affairs of the heart (hurts and wounds of life).   Because stress is one of the main causes of illness, then this really helps with physical issues too.  As Christmas is considered one of the most stressful times of the year, this is a a good time to come along and receive the relaxing therapy and learn to use it for yourself.  One client says, it she gets stressed she just takes herself away and does the Healing Codes and it calms her. I must say I personally love using them on myself and can see that they work at a deep level.
I'm also offering GIFT VOUCHERS, so if you would love an appointment but haven't got round to spending the money on yourself, then how about putting it on your Christmas list, or if anyone you know has been fancying an appointment, then what a great gift that would be for then. 
Enjoy the run up to Christmas.  I'm looking forward to a mulled wine at the next Christmas Fayre.  Do what makes you happy.  And remember it's not about money and presents, it's about enjoying yourself and being with people you want to be with.

When I meditate I regularly send out LOVE AND BLESSINGS to my clients of the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE,  so I hope you fit into that category.

I look forward to our paths crossing.
Love and blessings.

Tuesday 20 November 2012

What Are We Really Searching For FOOD OR LOVE?

Thinking about the need to comfort eat and drink, which seems to be something most of us do. I have been asking what is it I really want?  Why do I do it when I want to feel light, free and healthy.  So working through it with EFT, I first came up with - "I want the comfort and pleasure it gives me, I don't want to let that go, it would be like deprivation to not have it, it's a way of loving myself and letting myself know that I am worthy".  

See, it really is so much more than being greedy!!  We associate it with LOVE, WORTH, JOY even ABUNDANCE (I can have as much as I want).

The realisation, it's not the food or the drink we really want, it's the FEELINGS. We want to feel Loved, Special, Worthy.   I then used Journey Therapy asking the wise part of me if it could come up with alternative healthy ways to let me have those feeling without the need to eat and drink the comfort food. (NEED being an important word, because it's not saying we can't have the food or drink, it's about not needing them to feel the positive feelings).  I continued doing the inner work on this aspect of myself, bringing all parts into alignment with new healthy ways of living.  

So this morning I woke up with the realisation that what we really want is 'Nourishment for our Soul' and that can be many different things for different people.  A walk in nature, laughter with a friend, MEDITATION, loving ourselves as we are.  Letting go of the endless search for those feeling outside of ourselves in food and drink and going within and making friends with ourselves.  Wow, how simple is that. 

Food, weight, eating is not all about will power, it's also about the need for LOVE.  We need to nourish our souls enough so we don't throw our eating out of balance.  

When we do eat, we need to love it, savour it, let it nourish our soul, that way it will satisfy us and we won't need to keep on eating endlessly.  This doesn't mean we can't have the foods we desire it's about enjoying them with full attention so we get the full benefit from it.  It's no use reading the paper or watching the TV while you eat as that is literally just shovelling  it down with no real nourishment to our soul, what we need is interaction with the food and ourselves.

So if you are going to have a cream cake, sit down, savour it, love it, enjoy it (no guilt as that brings negative energy into the situation) and let it nourish your soul.  

I've found over the years the best way to work on my relationship with food has always been to go within.  Meditation, inner work (Journey Therapy, EFT,Healing Codes) and when I overeat I trust that in the grand scheme of things, one day is not going to make that much difference (even 2 or 3 days!).  The secret then is not to let it go on longer than that.  If you are still wanting to overeat after that then there is a need to do some inner work and heal the real issue.  This is where Journey Therapy, EFT and Healing Codes really help.  It's not always easy but I have found it so much easier than the old way of dieting and punishment.  I look at is as learning to love myself to health and slenderness.

Sunday 29 July 2012

The Natural Free Antidepressant

We all have the most natural powerful antidepressant within us and EXERCISE can activate it.  It is that simple and you don’t have to be an athlete or look like a model to enjoy it.

At 22 I was definitely a couch potato, I had never liked sport at school and the only exercise I did was run if the bus was coming and I wasn’t at the bus stop. I was over 2 stone heavier than I am now and feeling very unhealthy.  This was in the 80’s long before gyms became common place.  At that time the odd gym was mainly for body builders.  Fortunately a very forward thinking man called Jim Jarman decided to open a ladies only gym.  I had heard about it but thought I’m not exposing myself in a leotard (in the 80’s it was all leotards and leggings, no one seemed to wear baggy t shirts, everything was exposed!).  Luckily a friend suggested we went together and that was a turning point in my life.  I loved the gym straight away.

My illusion that everyone would look amazing and I would be the only fat one there was shattered and was thrilled to find out that everyone was ‘normal’, just people like me wanting to look and feel better.

A big plus for me was that it wasn’t actually aerobic exercise.   It was focused on weight training.  We would warm up with 3 minutes on the exercise bike then go round the weight machines 3 times, with a 3 minute stint back on the exercise bike after each round.  So all in all we did 12 minutes on the exercise bike. The weights were built up gradually so it wasn’t too overwhelming for someone like me who was SO unfit.  It actually felt really good to build strength into my body and within a few weeks I noticed that my body looked and felt better. 

The other plus, which was my main motivation for going to the gym for years, was how I felt when I left.  I could turn up feeling fed up, sad, depressed, wanting to eat, eat, eat and I would leave feeling totally different, like something had changed in my head.  I would literally go home a different person, feeling lifted, motivated, and happy. This has also been noted by both my husbands over the years as both would suggest I went to the gym if I appeared out of sorts, grumpy or a bit off.  It was a life line to me for years before I learned about doing inner work on myself and how to deal with stress and life.  I have always said that I exercised for my head/mind as much, if not more, than for my body.  The body improving was a positive side effect of working on my head/mind that way. 

So as much as I don’t need to run for the bus now, thankfully I have a car, I love the feeling of being able to do a little sprint whenever I fancy.  If it’s raining when I go shopping, I will run from my car to the supermarket and it feels GOOD.  It makes me feel healthy and alive, like a horse galloping in the field, just for the fun of it.  Dogs get excited when they see you getting their lead.  It is a natural pleasure life has given us, EXERCISE.  And please note I have never done high impact aerobics, for me moderate regular exercise worked just as well.

So you don’t have to join a gym, there are so many things you can do for free, walking being the easiest and most readily available.  I actually have a mini trampoline now that I use.  The music goes on and I will bounce away, waving my arms about for 15-30 minutes, I then follow with some yoga as I find that the stretching is more important than weight training for me as I have got older.

But if you do fancy a gym, dare to try it.  They are full or ordinary people just like you, who want to feel and look better.  No one really takes any notice of what you look like, it is a very positive experience and far better than any ANTI DEPRESSANT and the only side affect is you look and feel better.

I thank Jim Jarman, for changing my world all those years ago.

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Are Our Thoughts Affecting Our Friends?

We are all energy, radiating out to the world our thoughts, beliefs, emotions affecting everyone we come into contact with.  So if we are stressed, carry hurts and wounds around with us, we are spreading that energy to the rest of the world, including those we love.

This sounds strange, but what about when we first meet someone, we instantly know if we like them or not.  That's because we sense and feel feel their energy.  It's all going on subconsciously, without us being aware.  Quote from Lynne McTaggart - The latest biology demonstrates that we are sending to others and receiving energy back at every moment via a tiny subatomic stream of light emissions.  In a sense we are having an invisible conversation all the time.  This means that your thoughts, like every other energy, are being sent out every moment of your life, even when you are asleep.  She further adds - Few of us are conscious enough to recognise how contagious our thoughts are and how deeply they effect others.  After all, your thoughts are affecting everything and everybody at every moment.  When you are unhappy (even without showing it), you are consciously affecting everyone with whom you come into contact and in turn their entire network of contacts - for the worst?  end of quote.

So don't despair, if we are spreading our energy to the world that means we can spread our HAPPINESS too.  That's why doing the inner work on ourselves is so important.  Healing our hurts and wounds, forgiveness, learning relaxation techniques to let go of stress, so we are affecting our friends and loved ones and everyone else in a good way.  

So what better motivation to be happy, to think kind thoughts, to spread love and kindness.  Transforming the world starts with one happy thought from YOU!

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Client One Stone Lighter 4 Weeks After Appointment

This is the text I received from Zoe, 4 weeks after her appointment :  Hi Anne,  Just to let you know ....... I have lost a stone!!! Woo Hoo. Very happy, and feeling much better. Aiming for another 7lbs now! x 

Tuesday 14 February 2012

A New Relationship with Food and Weight

I am now excited to be offering 'A NEW RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD AND WEIGHT' appointments.

End the endless battle of dieting and TRANSFORM YOURSELF AND YOUR LIFE.

The great thing is this appointment is still beneficial even if you're not overweight, it's about a new healthier, happier relationship with yourself and food.  No more guilt. 

Often the real cause of overeating is suppressed emotions, little or big upsets from the past that we've pushed away.  We often don't even realise that they are there, but they are hiding under the surface trying to get out.  We have to keep eating to keep them hidden away, and we do this without even realising it.

 Now is the time to let go of the past, love yourself and life.

This is how Zoe describes her experience.  Please contact me for more details.

"I was given Anne's number by a friend who really recommend I see her before trying another slimming club (and most likely failing again!) So very sceptically I called Anne and had a really positive and uplifting chat which made my mind up to visit her.

I was welcomed into her home therapy room which was lovely but was still very sceptical. How could I solve my weight issues like this? I have no major worries in my life and I feel reasonable happy most of the time, but once there I thought well I'm here now may as well go with the flow....nothing to lose.......So after 3 hours of talk and relaxation and the full journey therapy I had worked through issues I never even thought I would come to the surface again.

After the 3 hours I left feeling like a weight had been lifted, I had closure on some issues I had buried over the years and finally feel very positive about me, and starting a new healthier lifestyle.

And sure enough all the advice and guidance given by Anne has made me view food and my weight in a completely different light....Light being the operative word I am shedding the pounds faster than I would ever have done at a slimming club. But most importantly I feel back on track and back in charge of what I do and what I eat thanks to Anne"

Zoe N E Lincs

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Are Our Minds Like a Sat Nav?

I'm starting to believe that our minds are more like a Sat Nav than we could ever image.

With the Sat Nav we put the destination in (postcode) then we listen to the directions to get there.  So what if we just had to put our goal into our mind and then listen to the instructions to get there.

All the successful business coaches use goal setting as a huge part of what they recommend.   There are endless books written all using goal setting as the way to move forward.  Athletes use visualisation of seeing themselves winning (already having the goal) as part of their training.  Religions ask us to pray for what we want (set the goal).

So why haven’t we all got what we want? 

  • Firstly we don’t set the goal, we don’t have a destination.  We drift along like a raft in the sea just being bounced around where life takes us, oblivious to the fact that we could make a difference.  We occasionally dream of something better, but without any serious intent, without writing it down and without visualising and feeling ourselves already having it, it won’t happen. Imagine going out in your car without a destination, you could end up anywhere, or even nowhere, just going round in circles.

  • Secondly, if we have set our goal, then we don’t always listen to the directions/ guidance when we get it.  We shut ourselves off to the instructions on how to get there.  We carry on doing the same things, expecting to get the perfect result.  There is a saying that madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get a different result.  We have to make change for change to happen.  If you become aware and listen you will hear the guidance, it is there whispering to you get up, focus, you can do it, it is nudging you along and as you listen synchronicity will start to happen.  The right people and situations will turn up at the right time, and your life will turn around.  It’s like a magic that happens when you listen and take action.  All the successful people know about this, they either do it naturally or have learned it.

So let’s go for it.  Set the goals, write them down, visualise yourself having them, feel what if feels like to have them, then LISTEN.  Listen to the guidance and take action, do it.  Could it all be as simple as programming your Sat Nav!

Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy New Year - Resolutions?

New Year's Resolutions -  I'm all in favour of setting positive intentions, but I just don't think 1st January is the best time for success.  I've still got a massive box of Thorntons chocolates unopened, a bottle of sparkling wine, plus a lovely raspberry roulade that we started yesterday and I want to enjoy them all.  I don't want to feel a failure by eating them, I don't want to eat them with guilt, I want to experience the pleasure of them all.  So I'm going for moderation not abstaining.  I really don't believe in the all or nothing approach, as you are either starving yourself or over eating. 

Years ago I used to diet and I would literally fast on some days, but on the days I ate I would go mad.  On the run up, to the start of a diet, it would be a time to eat everything you're not going to be allowed to eat, so you would probably get fatter before you even started.  Fortunately in 1994 I read a book that changed my relationship with food and my body for good.  It was called 'The Only Diet There Is' and it was a diet of negative thinking and beliefs.  It teaches you to eat everything with love and to look at the real issues of why you are overeating instead of just trying to use will power to achieve your goal.  You can only keep the will power up so long because the root cause still exists. 

So this year my approach to Christmas was, during December I set lots of positive intentions.  I exercised more than I had been doing.  I made an effort to meditate twice a day, which is transformational in itself.  Believe it or not meditation is the greatest tool to eating healthy, it somehow brings you into alignment with a more naturally healthy you.  I had odd minimalistic eating days when I would just eat fruit in the day then normal eating on an evening.  That helps to stop the overeating becoming a new daily habit. 

So here we are now 1st January, I don't feel my slimmest or healthiest, BUT I've eaten lots of nice things with love and I'm only fractionally heavier because my clothes still fit OK.  So all in all, I'd call it good plan for me.  I shall start weaning off the quantities of chocolate I've been having ready for really healthy eating in February.

I am now offering appointments called 'A New Relationship to Food and Weight' as I believe the key to health, happiness and being our ideal weight lies in letting go of our stress and our past baggage, learning a new positive way of thinking so we can live our life in joy as our natural healthy slender self.

A Happy New Year to you all.  I look forward to seeing you.  An appointment is only a phone call or an e-mail away.  Love Anne xx