Friday 22 January 2016

Such Happiness at Receiving these Words

So thrilled to receive this testimonial from a client who I have worked with one to one, and who has also attended my group events.  

"I couldn't have the made the changes I have without the work I've done with you. It's taught me to do what makes me happy, trust my inner being and go with it. It's had such an impact on my family so I'm so grateful for the things you have shown me.

I want to keep coming to the group sessions and focusing on the future with more changes. It's a constant process."  

Wow, this was then the response from another client after seeing this post on Facebook: xx

100% agree!! It was the same experience for me! and years later I'm still on top form! being the true me! and having the true happiness I deserve! I 100% recommend Anne Winslow & what she does! prepare to be AMAZED!