Heal the Past, Love the Present, Connect to the JOY OF LIFE.

JOURNEY THERAPY is an inner healing therapy that works on both emotional and physical issues. It has been around for over 20 years and was created by Brandon Bays, author of the best selling book 'The Journey'. Over the years, since training, I have adapted the process to my own unique gentle style, with the intention of clients connecting to their own inner love, wisdom and healing energy.  Clients do not need to have had any previous experience of doing inner work, just the willingness to try it and a desire to heal or improve their life.

Einstein said that a problem cannot be solved at the level it was created. These therapies works on getting to the root cause of an issue, then from that deeper level within, healing and releasing the emotion and memory.

These therapies give you the opportunity to let go of the hurts and wounds, the anger, bitterness, resentment and even the guilt and shame, and set yourself free. If we hold on to these emotions they can over time start to cause havoc in our bodies, at the best we won't be as happy as we could be, but at worse they can go on to cause disease.

Part of Journey therapy is also looking at forgiveness and the real reason we need to forgive. Forgiveness is about our own healing, never about letting the other person off the hook. When we forgive we release the negative energy we have been holding in our bodies, that has been harming us, and not them. When we realise it's about loving ourselves enough to want to be happier, healthier and free it becomes a lot easier. Sometimes we just need to forgive ourselves too and know we were doing the best we could.

These therapies are about your own inner wisdom guiding the process to where is right for you to go, for your highest good, in the gentlest and most beneficial way, allowing you to move forward in your life and giving your body the opportunity to self heal.

It’s difficult to describe a process as each one is so different. There are many different techniques that can be used depending on what is needed at the time and what is right for you. So each process is totally personal to you. It is a sat upright, fully dressed, eyes closed, non physical contact therapy that you are fully involved in.  

These therapies can also be used for 'Self Development' and 'Spiritual Growth'.   You don't need to have big issues to benefit from trying them.  It's possible to use them for confidence, help you to move forward in life, make decisions that need to be made or just a way of accessing your own inner self where the love, wisdom and healing energy is held.