Tuesday 9 September 2014

Loving, Kindness Meditation

I learned this Buddhist, Loving, Kindness Meditation whilst away on a retreat at Lendrick Lodge in Scotland, run by the amazing David Hamilton.  

May I be filled with loving kindness,
May I be well,
May I be peaceful and at ease,
May I be happy,
May I be free of suffering.
(repeat 3 times) 

Or, it can be said as an affirmation.

Iam filled with loving kindness,
I am well,
I am peaceful and at ease,
I am happy,
I am free of suffering.
(repeat 3 times) 

Than continue using it for others.

May (a loved one's name) be filled with loving kindness,
May (a loved one's name) be well,                                    
May (a loved one's name) be peaceful and at ease,
May (a loved one's name) be happy,
May (a loved one's name) be free of suffering.
(repeat 3 times)

Then repeat adding :

Someone you feel emotionally neutral about. 
(repeat 3 times)

A difficult person, or someone you have had or are having a challenging time with. 
(repeat 3 times)

Then the whole of the world.
(repeat 3 times)

And watch for the positive changes in your life.

I love this as it starts with you and I always believe that we matter, we count.  We need to look after ourselves first.  I love the analogy on a plane when they do the safety demonstration.  They always tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else!!  Remember that.  You need to be well, to help others.  

So this is a perfect meditation, sent to you, a loved one, other people, challenging people and the world.  


Love and blessings.
       Anne x

Friday 29 August 2014

Why De-Clutter?

Never under estimate the power of de-cluttering your home.  Getting rid of all the 'stuff' you no longer need or want.  Amazingly, as you create space and order in your home, it somehow creates space and order in your mind and in that space, inspirational ideas can come, and calm is accessible. 

What if your home is a message to the Universe of how you want your life. What message are you sending out?  Is it order or is it chaos?

Do you want to hang onto all that out dated and worn out past, or do you want to feel light and free?

Give it a go - fill a black back, see how you feel.  Then fill another.  Let go of the old and no longer needed, make space for the joy of life to fill your mind, body and home.

Get an egg timer.  I have a chicken one to make it fun.  Set if for 20 minutes, that's all, and start.  Everyone can find 20 minutes and open that wardrobe door or that cupboard or drawer, and start going through your things.  

If it feels too overwhelming to let go straight away.  Put them in a black bag for a week, a sort of letting go period, much like businesses give you a cooling off period!! Then let it go.  

It is exciting, it is inspiring and you want to do more, as it feels good.

Go for it, de-clutter your home and let the joy of life flow.


Friday 22 August 2014

Love Your Baby, Love Your Body, Love Your Life

So how many of these statements are true for you, Love Your Baby, Love Your Body, Love Your life, one, two, three, or none?  I would love to hear you say three, but all too often it’s not the case, but, what if it was possible, how amazing would that be!  Imagine being happy and content loving your baby, loving your body and loving your life.  Well, perhaps not the sleepless nights, but we know they will pass, eventually.

So free time is short, or even non-existent, so when are you going to do this inner healing lark! So here we go.  

As you sit feeding your baby imagine a beautiful fountain of golden energy is washing down over you and your baby, imagine it is filling you both with loving, calming energy, soothing, relaxing and bonding. It is revitalising you and you can just surrender into the moment of you and your baby.  Watch your breath, watch your baby’s breath and be at peace.  There is nothing else you can do at this moment, your baby needs it’s feed, so allow this time to be your special time. Rest, relax and surrender to this precious moment of you and your baby......................

So how many feeds do you do a day?  So how many times have you got to do this inner healing lark?  Wow, all of a sudden there are lots of opportunities.  Just being totally present and mindful of you and your baby and letting all other thoughts go can be deeply calming, relaxing and bonding.   It’s just about grabbing a few moments off the treadmill of life, or stepping off the hamster wheel and giving yourself permission to enjoy this precious time.  Give it a go and watch the difference.    

So, your body, it has had a big challenge and done an amazing job (carried your baby) and now needs loving back to its slenderness.  If you hate your body, you make it more difficult to let go of any excess weight.  Hate is a negative HEAVY energy and love is a positive LIGHT energy, so which energy do you want in your body?  I go for LOVE.  Love and accept yourself in the present moment, because in this moment this is how you are.  Your body has created a baby, how amazing is that?  Savour this precious time and use affirmations to love your body.  (An affirmation is a positive statement you repeat over and over again in your mind, until your subconscious mind accepts and believes it – also feels good to do).

I love and accept myself as I am

I am letting go of excess fat and gaining health and beauty

I am naturally healthy and slender

I easily maintain my ideal weight of.................... (What you want to be)

I am loving myself to slenderness

Create your own affirmations, be playful, and use any statement that feels right for you, saying it as though you already have that which you want.

So, is there anything emotionally we need to let go off too.  I believe that our old suppressed emotions are held in our body, and our body wraps fat around them to protect us from them!  Keep an open mind.  So if that is true, to be naturally slender and happy we need to let go of all of that stuff from the past, which is weighing us down.

Imagine you are sat around a cosy, safe campfire.  You become aware that this campfire is a very special campfire; it represents unconditional love, trust, truth, forgiveness and freedom.  Sense the presence of a guide or mentor with you, someone you trust, feel safe with and whose wisdom you are willing to accept. (Some people like to imagine they have a guardian angel with them).  As you sit at this campfire imagine you can just let go of anything that is held within you that you no longer need or want.  It can be memories, feelings, unhealthy habits and beliefs.  Trusting that the wise part of you knows exactly what is right and ready to let go of and asking your guide/mentor to help you.  Gather it all up from inside you and putting it in to a box, taking as long as you need, checking every corner and any dark spaces, then tie a bow around the box and throw it onto that campfire.  Watch as it burns and turns the negative energy back into positive energy and notice how light and free you feel!!  Then fill all those emptied out spaces within you with that beautiful fountain of golden, loving energy.  Then spend time imagining your life exactly how you want it to be, ask yourself the question “What is the BEST that can happen?” and let yourself get imaginative and playful and vision your future.  

Doing this inner work can have a deep and profound impact on your life.  Our mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined, how amazing is that.  So let’s use our mind in a positive way.  Athletes have used visualisation for many years; businesses are now starting to use it.  It really is worth the effort because you are worth the effort.  YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY, you deserve to love your baby, love your body, and love your life.

If you feel like you would like guidance and support on your inner journey, I would love to work with you.  The therapies that I offer can be used for birth trauma, childhood hurts and wounds, adult traumas, grief, self development and spiritual growth or to learn amazing relaxation and energy healing techniques.  I offer appointments specially tailored to meet your needs.  

I look forward to our paths crossing.

Anne  Winslow x

Thursday 1 May 2014

Future Life Progression

I am really excited to now be offering appointments in Future Life Progression.  We all know the saying "If I knew then what I know now", meaning we would be wiser and perhaps have  made different decisions.  Well what if you could connect to that wiser you in the future now and get the answers to guide you to move forward.  

My own personal experiences have been amazing even a few days after training I could see and feel the power of this therapy.

Whilst travelling to Maidenhead for this training I took a phone call asking me if I would like to be interviewed on the local TV the following week on their regular That Friday Show.  My initial reaction was yes, great, thank you.  Then coming off the phone the reality hit me.  ON TV!!  All I kept thinking was, the help I need will be learned this weekend.  And it was.

I accessed the future me that felt calm and relaxed and reassured me it was easy!!  The amazing thing was I did  keep those calm and relaxed feelings. 3 days after training I turned up at the studio, I even had to wait in reception for nearly an hour and still things felt good. 

What do you need help with?  Let the future you assist. 

See my interview below.

Wednesday 2 April 2014


Fast forward to 10 minutes and a Second interview at 16.38 minutes.

Monday 10 February 2014

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch is the name given in business to your short summary of what you do.  It’s your short window of opportunity to share your services with a stranger.  The theory is, it is the time it would take between getting in a lift and getting to your floor.

So here we go :

Hi, I’m Anne Winslow of Quest Therapies and I offer what I call ‘Inner Healing’, which is sat upright, fully dressed, eyes closed and go within appointments.  They are designed to take the stress out of your body, heal the hurts and wounds of life and empower you to your perfect future. 
Ping, lift door opens!

Monday 20 January 2014

Letting go of Emotional Baggage - Letting go of Weight.

If you want to be physically light, then you need to be emotionally light.  We need to let go of our emotional baggage, otherwise it weighs us down, making it difficult to let go of those pounds.
What if weight, food and being lighter wasn't about will power, what if it was about loving ourselves more, blessing our food and eating it with love (no guilt) and letting go of our past hurts and wounds, so that our body can come into natural balance and alignment.

What if we need to change our beliefs about food and our body?  No more saying I only need to look at a cream cake and I put on weight, because the mind and body are listening and will do what you believe.  Start telling yourself you are naturally slender and easily maintain your ideal weight, and let it listen to that.  Tell your body you love it and appreciate it.  Love is a light energy and hate/anger is a heavy energy.  Which energy do you want in your body?

Find an exercise that you enjoy and do it as an act of self love.  Simplify your eating to natural foods.  An omelette or a jacket potato are simple to prepare and healthy natural foods.  Enjoy being kind to yourself in different ways, a bath, a book a friendly chat.

Don't make every social occasion revolve around food.  Made the occasion and the people the specialness, not always food and drink. 

Look forward to getting to know the real you.  That happy, joyous, carefree you that has got hidden away.  Welcome her back, she's waiting for you.  She loves you.  

What if you could connect with the future you that had learned this and was naturally slender, what would she want to say to you?  What would she want to let you know?  That it's worth it, you're worth it.  Love yourself to happiness and slenderness.

The appointments I offer, help you let go of the hurts, wounds and emotional baggage.  Connect to the loving, powerful, intuitive part of yourself.  You can learn a relaxing energy healing technique that takes the stress out of the body and helps to bring your body into positive alignment.  You can bring back those lost parts of yourself and step into the future to connect with that wise you.  Remember the saying 'If I knew then, what I know now', meaning you would do things different.  Well what if you could know now, what you will know in the future!!! How empowered could you feel now?

I have loved using all these techniques on myself and continue to be amazed at the effectiveness and joy and wisdom they bring.

Please feel free to contact me for more information and see the heading WEIGHT at the top of the page.

Mobile  07757 26 30 2607757 26 30 26   E-mail  anne@quest-therapies.com