Thursday 26 September 2013

What If? A Way to Use Affirmations When There is Resistance

I love the words 'What If', they are so powerful.  What if - and then you add all the good things you would like to happen.  What if today just keeps getting better and better.  What if I can create the life I really want.  What if I can feel really healthy and slender.  What if I do get the job, and so on.

The reason the words 'what if' are powerful are because they help to stop the resistance.  If you just said, today just keeps getting better and better and you were having a bad day, then that negative chatter in your head would resist it straight away.  Don't be daft, everything is going wrong, but with the words 'what if, it is a suggestion, it allows that door of 'perhaps' to open, it lets it in.  

So a great way to use affirmations if you're having a bad day and feel any normal affirmation would be resisted, just add 'What If' in front.  Give it a go, play with it.  Even typing the "what if's" here has lifted my energy, wow anything feels possible.  Dare to dream big, it's more fun.