Wednesday 31 August 2011

Simple Joy

This is a picture I took when I first moved into my house last year.  I was so excited to see an owl on top of a telegraph pole.  Then I noticed that it hadn't actually moved while I'd been looking at it.  I went back a while later and noticed it still hadn't moved.  At that point I began to realise it wasn't actually real. 

Initially I was disappointed, but then it turned to joy again.  Someone had bothered to put a model owl on top of a telegraph pole.  They had climbed to the top and positioned it so perfectly.  

I thought what a wonderful place to live.  I felt like I'd moved to some magical place where people still cared . 

The simple things in life can still bring great joy - even a plastic owl!  I still look at that owl and it brings me the same pleasure every time - someone bothered to do it.