Monday 16 March 2015

Start Your Day with JOY

How you start your day as an impact on the rest of the day.  So, how to get the best from your day?  Before you even get out of bed start thinking positive thoughts, a nice little mantra is 'EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY, I'M GETTING BETTER, BETTER AND BETTER.  I love this one, created by Emile Coule in the early 1900's and he had great success with it.  Remember you sub-conscious mind is listening to your thoughts and words and believes them, so this one covers all eventualities!  Another Affirmation/Mantra is 'TODAY IS A GREAT DAY AND I FEEL HEALTHY, HAPPY AND EXICTED, LOOKING FORWARD TO THE DAY AHEAD, KNOWING ALL GOOD THINGS ARE COMING TO ME.

So you've done your positive thinking, time now to step out of bed and wait for it - Do THE HAPPY DANCE!  This is just about dancing in a funny way, shaking your body, getting yourself moving and even laughing.  This is not the time to worry about looking 'cool' this is the time to just have fun.  And, if you sleep naked, then do it naked and enjoy the freedom!

So there you go 2 tips to start you day off well.  

Try it, you will be surprised at the positive impact it has on your day.