About Me

I believe that wellness is more than the absence of illness, it's an aliveness, a joy to be alive. 

I have spent many years on this path of self development.  I have read many books, tried many different therapies and attended many workshops and retreats.  I use all of this knowledge as well as my own life experiences to make the appointment as beneficial as possible for each client.

How I discovered Journey Therapy

I first read the book 'The Journey' by Brandon Bays in 1999 and found it amazing. At that time not having internet, that was pretty much it. Stood in W.H. Smith in 2006 (7 years later) buying a local paper I noticed a spiritual magazine and was drawn to buy it. I didn't usually buy magazines and W.H. Smith didn't usually sell spiritual magazines. When I read it I found a full page advert promoting a 2 day workshop in London run by Brandon Bays called 'Journey Intensive'. Immediately I remembered that book I read all those years earlier.

I booked onto that workshop and that was the beginning of my journey. 3 weeks after attending my first workshop I was on another workshop, this was a long weekend retreat called 'Manifest Abundance'. I soon realised how intense these workshops were when the first evening didn't finish until 12.30am. This is not the type of retreat where you sit around in white fluffy dressing gowns, reading glossy magazines and getting your nails done!

After the retreat I knew I wanted to go further with this therapy. So 3 weeks later I was on the next workshop, another long weekend of inner healing and I knew it was time to apply to go on the practitioner's programme. I did apply and was accepted and another 3 weeks later (9 weeks since the first Journey Intensive) I was flying to Holland for my 4th inner healing/training session which was a week long.

After that there were more weekends away learning more skills and doing inner work, then the final 'Practitioner's Week' in Holland which was actually 8 nights, 9 days. On the retreats the days start at between 7am and 7.30am with yoga and very rarely end before 11pm sometimes later. We are in a place of constant therapy, learning and inner healing. The whole programme is aimed at inner healing and once people have attended a Journey Intensive weekend they can attend any of the programmes except Practitioner's Week.

After practitioner's week I did go on and do an advanced weekend and attended as a trainer at a Journey Intensive for a second time. I actually went away 10 times over a period of 8 months.

When I arrived home from that last weekend as a trainer in May 2007, my life was to change forever. My mum had been unwell over the weekend. I called to see her the next day and knew it was serious. That afternoon she was taken into hospital and died that night.

I am forever grateful for all the inner work and training I had done and believe my mum waited until I had completed it all. I was able to open into the deep pain of grief the way I had learned, and dare to feel it each time, until it dissolved, leaving me in a place of peace. Because of other aspects of this therapy I was able to feel totally at peace with my relationship with my mum. I had told her everything I needed to within the therapy while I was training and knew everything was in harmony with us. I felt she knew the depth of love I felt for her and I felt the depth of love she felt for me and all the family.

I submitted my 45 case studies quite a while later and had actually done over 70, as people just kept coming and wanting to try it. I qualified as an Accredited Journey Practitioner in December 2009.

I now work from home in the peaceful village of Tetney, near Cleethorpes/Grimsby in Lincolnshire where I am the only practising journey therapist in this part of the country.

Deep inside all of us is a place of PEACE and LOVE.
It just gets covered over with all our hurts and wounds.
We forget it even exists.
We start to look outside of ourselves for the joy of life.
Now is the time to let go of those hurts and wounds.
Connect back to that beautiful place within.
Feel the real JOY OF LIFE again.

There is always HOPE whatever is going on in your life.