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This is the link to the amazing Healing Codes music created by Elio.  I have found this music deepens the Healing Codes and makes the experience even more powerful.

I highly recommend everyone who is using the Healing Codes to use this music and also for anyone who just wants some amazing background relaxing music.  He also has several other relaxing CD's. 

NP = no prompts and WP = with prompts.

I personally use the NP as I prefer to move hand positions at my own pace.

10% Discount on Nutritional Supplements

NutriVital are a nutritional supplement company that I have been using for years.  They sell a wide range of good quality products.  

I have recently found out that as a Practitioner/Therapist I can obtain a discount, and also pass it on to others.

To obtain 10% discount on their products, type in this code when filling in your account details.
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