Who Benefits


If your life isn't working the way you would like it to then the therapies I offer can help. My aim is to help people connect to the joy of life.  Deep inside us all is a huge potential, a place of deep peace, love and wisdom you just have to give yourself the opportunity to find it and feel it and that's what these therapies can do. Healing the past, loving the present, connecting to the joy of life.  These therapies works for men, women and children.  Please feel free to contact me to find out what would be beneficial to you.  
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Anxiety is a strange thing, as sometimes we don't even know what we are anxious about.  The body and mind just get locked into this fearful place and run thoughts that hold us in fear.  Anxiety may have lots of different origins that have all clumped together that make life seem a fearful place to live.  Sometimes we may have specific anxieties that have stemmed from earlier events in our life.

Doing inner work on anxiety can help you to heal past memories, feel safe in life again and connect to the peace and stillness within.


Sometimes people who have been adopted can have feelings of 'who am I?', 'where do I come from'? Doing inner work helps us to connect to the real essence of who we are and have feelings of peace and understanding about our lives.


The word cancer can cause feelings of terror within people and this is when you really need support.  Doing inner work on yourself can help support you body as you deal with this situation.  Also knowing that there is someone to talk to openly and freely in a private and nurturing environment.

The 'Healing Codes' (see appointments) can be learned and used daily by yourself and also learned by a partner, family member or friend to sent to the person with cancer.  This can be a very relaxing, supportive, bonding experience for both.


Energy Healing incorporating the 'Healing Codes' can be learned in one appointment then used on the person you are caring for.  This is deeply relaxing for both the giver and receiver, with the knowledge that something much deeper is going on at another level.


Children love the Journey Process, they are so open and really enjoy the experience.  It helps them to express themselves and heal the wounds of everyday life that seem to be the root cause of so many adult problems.  Beneficial for most issues.


Depression can be so different for many people.  Someone may be depressed because of specific events in their life that are causing them great sadness and are unable to get over it.  Other people may be depressed because of no specific reason and feel lost as to what to do about it.

Whatever the reason, change has to happen to heal.  There is a quote that says to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome is a sign of madness, and I think we all fall into that bracket at some time or another in our lives.  So time to try something different.  Journey Therapy, the Healing Codes, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression work at a deeper level than just talking about it.  They help you release the despair, pain, sadness and find hope and from that place you can make positive changes, learn simple techniques to keep yourself in a positive position.  It's easier to stay happy than to get happy.


Divorce can be one of the most challenging times in our lives.  There are so many practical issues that have to be dealt with along with all the emotional pain that is going on.  Doing the inner work on this can enable us to release the distress, let go of the past and move forward in life.


If our parents divorced while we were children, this can sometimes cause issues in adult life.  Using these therapies can help heal those past wounds and connect to the joy of life.


This therapy can help release the deep pain of grief and feel a sense of peace with the person who has passed away, however your relationship has been. I used this therapy when my mum died and often wonder how people cope with such pain without it.  It has enabled me to connect to the joy of life again while still honouring my mum's memory.

Dear Anne,

I cannot thank you enough for the way that my life has been turned around since I discovered your wonderful services.

Having recently lost my beloved soul mate very suddenly, after thirty three happy years I was trying to cope again with life without him. I felt lost lonely and afraid and could not see any future for me or a reason to carry on living and was crying all the time. It was in desperation that I thankfully found you.

One session with you changed my whole life and spiritual being. We went on a "journey" together on which you encouraged me face my fears and troubles and helped me to better understand and cope and come to terms with the past. I arrived back to re- discover my true self and to know that my beloved is still walking by my side. Such a beautiful feeling to know that I really am not alone and with that thought, I can now face the world again!

I feel more positive in my attitude to life and at peace with myself. The afternoon that I came to see you lifted my spirits and my heart and I can now embrace life once more.

Peace, light and love to Anne

Roz Riggall, Louth, Lincolnshire

See Heading GRIEF on webpage


Scientists are now proving that our thoughts and emotions have a huge impact on our wellbeing. It has been accepted for a long while that stress causes illness.  So doing inner work can help us release that stress and connect to feelings of calm within.  Visualisation is known to have positive results with our health and this can be included within a therapy.

These therapies can support any conventional treatment that you are undergoing.


From the moment we are born to the day we die our whole world revolves around relationships. Did our parents make us feel Loved, Worthy and Safe or was it a different story. As we grow up we have friends, then romantic relationships and work colleagues. If any of these relationships leave us feeling anger, bitterness, resentment, pain, sadness, or even guilt and shame, because perhaps we didn't do the right thing, then Journey therapy can help. We don't have to carry these wounds round with us for the rest of our lives. Even with people who have passed away it is possible to heal the wounds.


These therapies can be used for self development.  To help you let go of whatever is stopping you from moving forward in life, and allowing you to connect to a wise part of yourself that can guide you.


This therapy can help you find a deep connection with your true self, that wise part of yourself always waiting for you to connect to it. Then from that deep place within you can find answers and feel the essence of who you really are.


In today's modern world, stress has become a bit of a 'norm', which is actually quite sad.  We all push ourselves too hard and expect our bodies to cope with it.  To be able to keep up the fast pace of life we need some 'chill' time, some quiet inner time.  Some people play golf, some fish, some go walking and these are all excellent ways of letting the body and mind recoup and restore itself to balance and harmony.  The problems happen when we don't have these methods of recoup and restore in place.  Journey Therapy, and the Healing Codes can help you release the stress and pressure, and connect to that still place within, the place that your inner wisdom and guidance exists.  This can be deeply relaxing and empowering.


I believe that when our eating goes out of control it is a sign from our inner wisdom, letting us know that a part of us is distressed or not happy. Weight and food is really about emotions not will power.  So rather than beating ourselves up for overeating we need to find out what is really going on.  What pain are we running from? We can  then do the inner healing work and see ourselves settle back into balance and harmony. 

Gaining weight can also be about padding and protection to make us feel safe in life.  Journey Therapy can help us to connect to our true selves, where at a deep level we can know we are safe, and allow the padding and protection to disappear.  It could also be connected to a past life.  Imagine if you had starved in a past life, food is going to be very important in this life, there could be a supressed cellular memory, that you are unaware of,  making sure you eat lots and keep padding on you so it doesn't happen again.