Monday 20 January 2014

Letting go of Emotional Baggage - Letting go of Weight.

If you want to be physically light, then you need to be emotionally light.  We need to let go of our emotional baggage, otherwise it weighs us down, making it difficult to let go of those pounds.
What if weight, food and being lighter wasn't about will power, what if it was about loving ourselves more, blessing our food and eating it with love (no guilt) and letting go of our past hurts and wounds, so that our body can come into natural balance and alignment.

What if we need to change our beliefs about food and our body?  No more saying I only need to look at a cream cake and I put on weight, because the mind and body are listening and will do what you believe.  Start telling yourself you are naturally slender and easily maintain your ideal weight, and let it listen to that.  Tell your body you love it and appreciate it.  Love is a light energy and hate/anger is a heavy energy.  Which energy do you want in your body?

Find an exercise that you enjoy and do it as an act of self love.  Simplify your eating to natural foods.  An omelette or a jacket potato are simple to prepare and healthy natural foods.  Enjoy being kind to yourself in different ways, a bath, a book a friendly chat.

Don't make every social occasion revolve around food.  Made the occasion and the people the specialness, not always food and drink. 

Look forward to getting to know the real you.  That happy, joyous, carefree you that has got hidden away.  Welcome her back, she's waiting for you.  She loves you.  

What if you could connect with the future you that had learned this and was naturally slender, what would she want to say to you?  What would she want to let you know?  That it's worth it, you're worth it.  Love yourself to happiness and slenderness.

The appointments I offer, help you let go of the hurts, wounds and emotional baggage.  Connect to the loving, powerful, intuitive part of yourself.  You can learn a relaxing energy healing technique that takes the stress out of the body and helps to bring your body into positive alignment.  You can bring back those lost parts of yourself and step into the future to connect with that wise you.  Remember the saying 'If I knew then, what I know now', meaning you would do things different.  Well what if you could know now, what you will know in the future!!! How empowered could you feel now?

I have loved using all these techniques on myself and continue to be amazed at the effectiveness and joy and wisdom they bring.

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