What is Journey Therapy?

Journey Therapy is an inner healing therapy that works on both emotional and physical issues. It has been around for over 20 years and was created by Brandon Bays, author of the best selling book 'The Journey'. Over the years, since training, I have adapted the process to my own unique gentle style, with the intention of clients connecting to their own inner love, wisdom and healing energy. Clients do not need to have had any previous experience of doing inner work, just the willingness to try it and a desire to heal or improve their life. Read more »

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Transformation Through Relaxation Zoom Event

Monthly Group Sessions - 2nd Tuesday of the Month

Tuesday 13th April 2021
Zoom Log in from 7.20 pm
7.30 pm Session Starts



An opportunity to RELAX your body and mind, to empower you, and heighten your intuition, to help you to flourish and thrive during these challenging times.

 You can sit back, relax and allow me to do the work.  
Take time out for YOU - You Deserve IT!  

The sessions are an hours guided inner journey, incorporating lots of empowering therapy techniques.  They are designed to give you all the usual benefits of meditation, plus help the physical body to heal, repair and renew, and be the best it can be, heighten your intuition/higher wisdom connection, attract to you your best possible future, empowering your life now. 

£15.00 Payable in Advance

You will need to find a comfy, private space, where you will not be disturbed. 

Love and Blessings.
Anne Winslow xx

Contact me to book your place, and receive Zoom link and instructions.
 07757 26 30 26 or e-mail anne@quest-therapies.com

Further Dates - may be on Zoom or at The Business Hive:

Tuesday 11th May 2021

Disclaimer:  Therapies are for therapeutic purposes, accessing your own answers.  
This does not take the place of professional, legal and medical advice,
which should be consulted before making any decisions or taking any action.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Change you Life and Live with JOY

So thrilled to receive this Testimonial, I love how people embrace what I offer and transform their lives. Are you ready to make those changes now? Read the Testimonial below, be inspired, and I'm here ready to take you on that journey of inner healing and transformation. You Deserve to be happy.  Anne x

"18 Months ago I was a mental mess. Holding onto guilt, anger, resentment and past events, I wasn’t sleeping very well, found it really hard to make decisions and was a big bundle of emotions that could get triggered into any response at any time. I was unhappy, unpredictable and looking back, spent most of my time really anxious about the future, upset about the past and living in the present moment was impossible. All I did was fret through the night and sleep walk through my days. 

It wasn’t much fun for me and it wasn’t much fun for my family. Work was tough as I wasn’t emotionally committed and knew I needed to change jobs but was holding onto what was familiar. If you had met me then, you would have been able to smell my fear at 20 paces!
I contacted Anne having read Brandon Bays’ book and just knew the answers would come from within, as would the process of letting go.

I had quite a few sessions with Anne in quick succession and learnt very quickly she is not to be underestimated! And so my journey to happiness began. Sometimes the calls were monthly, sometimes longer periods of time went by whilst I adjusted into the person I was becoming, the true me, the lady who I was born to be.

18 months on, it’s hard to look back and see just how unhappy I was before Anne and I started working together. I have made significant changes in my life that were effortless because I knew they were right, I am more engaging with myself and with those around me. I have an inner confidence that can’t be rocked by others opinions or judgements. The family are all happy and settled and our relationships now are what they were meant to be – supportive and loving. No more confrontation and anger. And my inner turmoil has left for good.

I am happy!

Anne is without doubt the most professional person I have had the privilege to work with. She takes the time to find out where you are at, what you need, discusses it and in every call, I always know it’s my agenda we are working on. She lets me set the pace, sometimes I want to really go for it, other times a gentler and shorter approach is needed and somehow she intuitively connects to me and just knows what is right at the time.

There is no doubt that working on my own inner journey with such a gifted and professional person has given me my life, the present day and my future back. 

I am happy to give a (private and confidential) phone call testimonial to share my journey and help you to decide for yourself if it is for you. All I can say is, I now don’t look back. 
Her gift is so great, the only thing you lose by working with Anne are the things that are no longer helpful." 

Professional Lady from Derbyshire

Monday, 20 June 2016

Live Your Days with Joy

Made you a little movie, so turn on your sound and know that YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.  Love and blessings. Anne x

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


I thought I'd give you a summary of what I offer and who benefits from these experiences.

All the appointments and sessions I offer are designed to HEAL YOUR PAST, EMPOWER YOUR PRESENT AND ATTRACT YOUR BEST POSSIBLE FUTURE.  So I believe whatever is going on in your life, there is something I can offer to help, as the appointments are empowered by your own inner wisdom which knows exactly what is right for you.  Each of the appointments interact well with each other, so you can try one, or all of them.  This is about you living your life as your highest potential and releasing any blocks to that.

 I have been interested in self development, healthy living, and spiritual growth since the early 90's.  

My first big training was in Journey Therapy in 2006/2007 and since then I have continued to grow and develop, attending workshops/training and creating and developing new ways of using all these techniques in the most beneficial way.

The monthly group sessions, which have been running over 5 years now were created so that people had an opportunity to experience these different techniques in a powerful easily accessible, affordable way, regularly.  Clients can come along to 'top up' that good feelings, new people have the opportunity to experience one aspect of what I offer in a simple way, without sharing any of their life.  You just sit and close your eyes and I guide the process and energy.  It's called Transformation Through Relaxation as that sums up how we can empower our lives through relaxation and access a place of pure potential where anything is possible.

Everyone sleeps amazing after the group session, people are noting that they are feeling calmer, and more positive, and one lady noticed that her eating and drinking changed in a really positive way.  You get an opportunity to empower and vision your best possible future, and as all business experts and athletes know, that has a powerful impact.  It is also the first time some people have ever experienced really deep relaxation, which is so beneficial to your health and wellbeing.  

Journey Therapy, is an inner healing therapy that works on emotional and physical issues as well as your life.  Since training I have adapted the process to my own unique style, allowing you to connect to your own inner wisdom, love and healing so transformation can take place even after one appointment.

It is beneficial for all aspects of life, because you are in control of the process and the wise part of you knows exactly what needs to happen.  

People who are struggling in grief find it amazing as it allows the sadness to pass and the love to be felt again.  Relationship issues can be helped.  Stress, anxiety and depression can be helped as often it can be the past just weighing you down.  It is also beneficial to help with weight and many more situations.  People often say that everyone should experience this at least once, to have that empowering experience.  This can be a profound experience and can be used to access your higher wisdom.  

Transformation Through Relaxation - incorporating learning the Healing Codes, is an opportunity to sit back relax, heal and empower your life whilst learning powerful techniques to use in your everyday life. The Healing Codes created by Alex Loyd are designed to take the stress out of your body and heal the affairs of your heart (hurts and wounds of life).  After this session you will feel deeply relaxed and empowered and have techniques to use to make a positive difference in your life.  

I recommend this appointment to everyone because in the fast pace of life, we all need some deep relaxation to allow the body to recharge, renew, heal.  And we don't get to be adults without having picked up some hurts and wounds that would benefit from healing.  

This is designed to turn off pain that has been checked out medically, and all that can be offered is pain killers or put up with it.  One lady had neck pain for 20 years and on the day of her appointment the level of pain was 9 out of 10.  At the end of the session it was 0 and is still 0, no pain.  She is thrilled and so am I.  I have clients now who are weaning off painkillers (when taken for a long while, they cannot be stopped suddenly).  This appointment is currently on promotion at £80.00 as I want people to try it and feel that relief.

Past Life Regression gives you the opportunity to understand yourself more.  It allows you to break any negative patterns that are still playing themselves out in your current life from the past, or connect to a more powerful you and feel those energies now.  Healing the past can empower the future.  Do you wonder if people in your life now, have been with you in a past life?  Do you have a special relationship with your cat, dog, horse and wonder if they have been with your before? This is your own personal journey of discovery.

Future Life Progression, allows you to access future possibilities.  We've all heard the saying "if I knew then, what I know now", so how about connecting to that future you and getting advice and wisdom, seeing what changes you would benefit from making now, and access inspirational ideas.  Do you have decisions to make and would like to know what is the best outcome?  Or would you like to connect to the best version of yourself and feel those energies a part of you now?  You can travel forward in this life and even into a future life.  Once again this guided by your own inner wisdom so only beneficial information is accessed.  

Soul Retrieval, is based on the concept that at traumatic times of your life, part of your life force energy is lost.  This process is about connecting to that life force energy, that aspect of yourself, healing it and bringing it back.  It can feel like a homecoming.  Empowering you now.

The Clearance, is a powerful guided visualisation designed to let go of everything that has ever harmed, hurt, upset you, or caused you to feel unworthy, without even having to look at it.  You then have the opportunity to connect to the Real You, the you, you have always wanted to be.  This is beneficial for everyone, to just let go of the past and empower the present.

More Than A Pet
You think of your pet as a member of the family.  It brings you unconditional love.  There is that special bond.  This is more than that usual relationship with a pet.  Have you had a past life together, will you have a future life together?  Using Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression you can ask these questions.  This appointment is especially beneficial after the loss of your special pet to ask these questions and bring comfort and understanding.

A New Relationship with Food and Weight, is about letting go of your emotional baggage, the stress that has been niggling away under the surface, and make the connection with the naturally healthy, slender you.  Journey Therapy, Transformation Through Relaxation, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression and The Clearance appointment can be used to help you create this new relationship with food and weight, and the new real slender you. 

Home Group Sessions, are available if you live around the Grimsby/Cleethorpes area. This is an opportunity for a few of you to get together at one of your homes and I will come and do a private session.  This will take a similar format the the Group Sessions I run once a month at The Business Hive, Grimsby.   It can be tailored to meet your needs and leaving your feeling relaxed and empowered, knowing that deeper healing and transformation is going on under the surface. 

Please contact me to see which appointment(s) would suit your needs.  I look forward to our paths crossing and sharing your Inner Journey.

Love and blessings.

Anne x 

Mobile 07757 26 30 26
E-mail anne@quest-therapies.com

Friday, 22 January 2016

Such Happiness at Receiving these Words

So thrilled to receive this testimonial from a client who I have worked with one to one, and who has also attended my group events.  

"I couldn't have the made the changes I have without the work I've done with you. It's taught me to do what makes me happy, trust my inner being and go with it. It's had such an impact on my family so I'm so grateful for the things you have shown me.

I want to keep coming to the group sessions and focusing on the future with more changes. It's a constant process."  

Wow, this was then the response from another client after seeing this post on Facebook: xx

100% agree!! It was the same experience for me! and years later I'm still on top form! being the true me! and having the true happiness I deserve! I 100% recommend Anne Winslow & what she does! prepare to be AMAZED!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Can Our Future Selves Help to Heal Us?

Had some great news this morning from one of the ladies, Jackie, that usually comes to my group event every month, and wanted to share it with you. This month she couldn't make it because she couldn't walk or drive as she'd had operations on both of her feet. I suggested she tune into us anyway at home and have some still time at home.  The group events are held on a Tuesday evening.
On WEDNESDAY morning (morning after group event) I woke at around 6.30am and immediately thought of Jackie and felt like I wanted to send her the Healing Codes (energy healing that I do) as she had missed out the night before. I did this for quite a while, feeling relaxed as I laid in bed. Then I got a vision of Jackie walking along feeling really tall, healthy, happy and so grateful that she could walk really well now. I realised that this was the FUTURE JACKIE who had already healed so I imagined her walking back to Jackie's house and going and stepping inside of Jackie and ALLOWING HER TO BECOME THAT FUTURE HEALED SELF!!
Yesterday (Thursday) I messaged Jackie with this information and the reply I got was AMAZING. See Below Jackie's reply:
"That is interesting because although I had walked (hobbled) to the post box on Monday and shop on Tuesday my feet were still too swollen to wear anything but my Crocs but yesterday morning (WEDNESDAY) I just knew I could wear my old trainers and felt I could walk to the park. I only meant to go stand there and look at the lake and breathe fresh air but that wasn't enough and I walked round the lake and I did feel amazing. Been out again today and in those old trainers I almost feel normal walking, although my feet are still healing and are still somewhat stiff and sore xx
We know these things work. I was awake at the time you were doing this and can honestly say that I had no thought of being able to do anything really different to the previous day when I woke up, but IT WAS AS THOUGHT SOMETHING 'SHIFTED' BETWEEN WHEN I WOKE AND WHEN I GOT UP AN HOUR OR SO LATER AND I KNEW I COULD DO IT WITH NO ILL EFFECT. (This would have been the time I was doing the energy healing and visioning). On the surface it was a "mad decision" to take what turned out to be a 1 kilometre walk without a stick when I had only walked half the length of my block twice, both times using a stick but as soon as I found I could wear my trainers (couldn't get them on the day before and why I tried again so soon I can't explain) it just felt right.
You can keep sending the codes if you like - they are obviously working. Just about to put on my trainers and "trot" off to the park."
My comments - For me this just sums up the power of this inner work, and I love combining the different therapies I am trained in. I really do believe getting the Future Jackie to step into her was a major plus in this, as she seemed to feel the way I had seen/felt her to be!!!  It also shows the power of distance healing and visioning and of course Jackie's commitment and effort to healing herself.