What is Journey Therapy?

Journey Therapy is an inner healing therapy that works on both emotional and physical issues. It has been around for over 20 years and was created by Brandon Bays, author of the best selling book 'The Journey'. Over the years, since training, I have adapted the process to my own unique gentle style, with the intention of clients connecting to their own inner love, wisdom and healing energy. Clients do not need to have had any previous experience of doing inner work, just the willingness to try it and a desire to heal or improve their life. Read more »

Tuesday 29 March 2016


I thought I'd give you a summary of what I offer and who benefits from these experiences.

All the appointments and sessions I offer are designed to HEAL YOUR PAST, EMPOWER YOUR PRESENT AND ATTRACT YOUR BEST POSSIBLE FUTURE.  So I believe whatever is going on in your life, there is something I can offer to help, as the appointments are empowered by your own inner wisdom which knows exactly what is right for you.  Each of the appointments interact well with each other, so you can try one, or all of them.  This is about you living your life as your highest potential and releasing any blocks to that.

 I have been interested in self development, healthy living, and spiritual growth since the early 90's.  

My first big training was in Journey Therapy in 2006/2007 and since then I have continued to grow and develop, attending workshops/training and creating and developing new ways of using all these techniques in the most beneficial way.

The monthly group sessions, which have been running for 8 years now were created so that people had an opportunity to experience these different techniques in a powerful easily accessible, affordable way, regularly.  Clients can come along to 'top up' that good feelings, new people have the opportunity to experience one aspect of what I offer in a simple way, without sharing any of their life.  You just sit and close your eyes and I guide the process and energy.  It's called Transformation Through Relaxation as that sums up how we can empower our lives through relaxation and access a place of pure potential where anything is possible. This session is held at The Business Hive, Grimsby and also via Zoom at the same time, so is available to anyone wherever you are based.

Everyone sleeps amazing after the group session, people are noting that they are feeling calmer, and more positive, and one lady noticed that her eating and drinking changed in a really positive way.  You get an opportunity to empower and vision your best possible future, and as all business experts and athletes know, that has a powerful impact.  It is also the first time some people have ever experienced really deep relaxation, which is so beneficial to your health and wellbeing.  

Journey Therapy, is an inner healing therapy that works on emotional and physical issues as well as your life.  Since training I have adapted the process to my own unique style, allowing you to connect to your own inner wisdom, love and healing so transformation can take place even after one appointment.

It is beneficial for all aspects of life, because you are in control of the process and the wise part of you knows exactly what needs to happen.  

People who are struggling in grief find it amazing as it allows the sadness to pass and the love to be felt again.  Relationship issues can be helped.  Stress, anxiety and depression can be helped as often it can be the past just weighing you down.  It is also beneficial to help with weight and many more situations.  People often say that everyone should experience this at least once, to have that empowering experience.  This can be a profound experience and can be used to access your higher wisdom.  

Transformation Through Relaxation - incorporating learning the Healing Codes, is an opportunity to sit back relax, heal and empower your life whilst learning powerful techniques to use in your everyday life. The Healing Codes created by Alex Loyd are designed to take the stress out of your body and heal the affairs of your heart (hurts and wounds of life).  After this session you will feel deeply relaxed and empowered and have techniques to use to make a positive difference in your life.  

I recommend this appointment to everyone because in the fast pace of life, we all need some deep relaxation to allow the body to recharge, renew, heal.  And we don't get to be adults without having picked up some hurts and wounds that would benefit from healing.  

This is designed to turn off pain that has been checked out medically, and all that can be offered is pain killers or put up with it.  One lady had neck pain for 20 years and on the day of her appointment the level of pain was 9 out of 10.  At the end of the session it was 0 and is still 0, no pain.  She is thrilled and so am I.  .  

Past Life Regression gives you the opportunity to understand yourself more.  It allows you to break any negative patterns that are still playing themselves out in your current life from the past, or connect to a more powerful you and feel those energies now.  Healing the past can empower the future.  Do you wonder if people in your life now, have been with you in a past life?  Do you have a special relationship with your cat, dog, horse and wonder if they have been with your before? This is your own personal journey of discovery.

Future Life Progression, allows you to access future possibilities.  We've all heard the saying "if I knew then, what I know now", so how about connecting to that future you and getting advice and wisdom, seeing what changes you would benefit from making now, and access inspirational ideas.  Do you have decisions to make and would like to know what is the best outcome?  Or would you like to connect to the best version of yourself and feel those energies a part of you now?  You can travel forward in this life and even into a future life.  Once again this guided by your own inner wisdom so only beneficial information is accessed.  

Soul Retrieval, is based on the concept that at traumatic times of your life, part of your life force energy is lost.  This process is about connecting to that life force energy, that aspect of yourself, healing it and bringing it back.  It can feel like a homecoming.  Empowering you now.

The Clearance, is a powerful guided visualisation designed to let go of everything that has ever harmed, hurt, upset you, or caused you to feel unworthy, without even having to look at it.  You then have the opportunity to connect to the Real You, the you, you have always wanted to be.  This is beneficial for everyone, to just let go of the past and empower the present.

More Than A Pet
You think of your pet as a member of the family.  It brings you unconditional love.  There is that special bond.  This is more than that usual relationship with a pet.  Have you had a past life together, will you have a future life together?  Using Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression you can ask these questions.  This appointment is especially beneficial after the loss of your special pet to ask these questions and bring comfort and understanding.

A New Relationship with Food and Weight, is about letting go of your emotional baggage, the stress that has been niggling away under the surface, and make the connection with the naturally healthy, slender you.  Journey Therapy, Transformation Through Relaxation, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression and The Clearance appointment can be used to help you create this new relationship with food and weight, and the new real slender you. 

Home Group Sessions, are available if you live around the Grimsby/Cleethorpes area. This is an opportunity for a few of you to get together at one of your homes and I will come and do a private session.  This will take a similar format the the Group Sessions I run once a month on Zoom.   It can be tailored to meet your needs and leaving your feeling relaxed and empowered, knowing that deeper healing and transformation is going on under the surface. THESE SESSIONS ARE ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. 

Please contact me to see which appointment(s) would suit your needs.  I look forward to our paths crossing and sharing your Inner Journey.

Love and blessings.

Anne x 

Mobile 07757 26 30 26
E-mail anne@quest-therapies.com

Friday 22 January 2016

Such Happiness at Receiving these Words

So thrilled to receive this testimonial from a client who I have worked with one to one, and who has also attended my group events.  

"I couldn't have the made the changes I have without the work I've done with you. It's taught me to do what makes me happy, trust my inner being and go with it. It's had such an impact on my family so I'm so grateful for the things you have shown me.

I want to keep coming to the group sessions and focusing on the future with more changes. It's a constant process."  

Wow, this was then the response from another client after seeing this post on Facebook: xx

100% agree!! It was the same experience for me! and years later I'm still on top form! being the true me! and having the true happiness I deserve! I 100% recommend Anne Winslow & what she does! prepare to be AMAZED!

Friday 15 May 2015

JOY to my life

This is what brings JOY to my life. Received this message today after the SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS THROUGH RELAXATION event on Tuesday. I always admire people who are willing to take that leap of faith and try something different, it takes courage. 

"Hi Anne
I loved it.... I have to say I was a bit skeptical but I do feel different inside... Somehow calmer .... Even woke up with energy this morning and making silly jokes.... That's unheard of ! Xx"

Monday 16 March 2015

Start Your Day with JOY

How you start your day as an impact on the rest of the day.  So, how to get the best from your day?  Before you even get out of bed start thinking positive thoughts, a nice little mantra is 'EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY, I'M GETTING BETTER, BETTER AND BETTER.  I love this one, created by Emile Coule in the early 1900's and he had great success with it.  Remember you sub-conscious mind is listening to your thoughts and words and believes them, so this one covers all eventualities!  Another Affirmation/Mantra is 'TODAY IS A GREAT DAY AND I FEEL HEALTHY, HAPPY AND EXICTED, LOOKING FORWARD TO THE DAY AHEAD, KNOWING ALL GOOD THINGS ARE COMING TO ME.

So you've done your positive thinking, time now to step out of bed and wait for it - Do THE HAPPY DANCE!  This is just about dancing in a funny way, shaking your body, getting yourself moving and even laughing.  This is not the time to worry about looking 'cool' this is the time to just have fun.  And, if you sleep naked, then do it naked and enjoy the freedom!

So there you go 2 tips to start you day off well.  

Try it, you will be surprised at the positive impact it has on your day.


Tuesday 9 September 2014

Loving, Kindness Meditation

I learned this Buddhist, Loving, Kindness Meditation whilst away on a retreat at Lendrick Lodge in Scotland, run by the amazing David Hamilton.  

May I be filled with loving kindness,
May I be well,
May I be peaceful and at ease,
May I be happy,
May I be free of suffering.
(repeat 3 times) 

Or, it can be said as an affirmation.

Iam filled with loving kindness,
I am well,
I am peaceful and at ease,
I am happy,
I am free of suffering.
(repeat 3 times) 

Than continue using it for others.

May (a loved one's name) be filled with loving kindness,
May (a loved one's name) be well,                                    
May (a loved one's name) be peaceful and at ease,
May (a loved one's name) be happy,
May (a loved one's name) be free of suffering.
(repeat 3 times)

Then repeat adding :

Someone you feel emotionally neutral about. 
(repeat 3 times)

A difficult person, or someone you have had or are having a challenging time with. 
(repeat 3 times)

Then the whole of the world.
(repeat 3 times)

And watch for the positive changes in your life.

I love this as it starts with you and I always believe that we matter, we count.  We need to look after ourselves first.  I love the analogy on a plane when they do the safety demonstration.  They always tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else!!  Remember that.  You need to be well, to help others.  

So this is a perfect meditation, sent to you, a loved one, other people, challenging people and the world.  


Love and blessings.
       Anne x

Friday 29 August 2014

Why De-Clutter?

Never under estimate the power of de-cluttering your home.  Getting rid of all the 'stuff' you no longer need or want.  Amazingly, as you create space and order in your home, it somehow creates space and order in your mind and in that space, inspirational ideas can come, and calm is accessible. 

What if your home is a message to the Universe of how you want your life. What message are you sending out?  Is it order or is it chaos?

Do you want to hang onto all that out dated and worn out past, or do you want to feel light and free?

Give it a go - fill a black back, see how you feel.  Then fill another.  Let go of the old and no longer needed, make space for the joy of life to fill your mind, body and home.

Get an egg timer.  I have a chicken one to make it fun.  Set if for 20 minutes, that's all, and start.  Everyone can find 20 minutes and open that wardrobe door or that cupboard or drawer, and start going through your things.  

If it feels too overwhelming to let go straight away.  Put them in a black bag for a week, a sort of letting go period, much like businesses give you a cooling off period!! Then let it go.  

It is exciting, it is inspiring and you want to do more, as it feels good.

Go for it, de-clutter your home and let the joy of life flow.


Friday 22 August 2014

Love Your Baby, Love Your Body, Love Your Life

So how many of these statements are true for you, Love Your Baby, Love Your Body, Love Your life, one, two, three, or none?  I would love to hear you say three, but all too often it’s not the case, but, what if it was possible, how amazing would that be!  Imagine being happy and content loving your baby, loving your body and loving your life.  Well, perhaps not the sleepless nights, but we know they will pass, eventually.

So free time is short, or even non-existent, so when are you going to do this inner healing lark! So here we go.  

As you sit feeding your baby imagine a beautiful fountain of golden energy is washing down over you and your baby, imagine it is filling you both with loving, calming energy, soothing, relaxing and bonding. It is revitalising you and you can just surrender into the moment of you and your baby.  Watch your breath, watch your baby’s breath and be at peace.  There is nothing else you can do at this moment, your baby needs it’s feed, so allow this time to be your special time. Rest, relax and surrender to this precious moment of you and your baby......................

So how many feeds do you do a day?  So how many times have you got to do this inner healing lark?  Wow, all of a sudden there are lots of opportunities.  Just being totally present and mindful of you and your baby and letting all other thoughts go can be deeply calming, relaxing and bonding.   It’s just about grabbing a few moments off the treadmill of life, or stepping off the hamster wheel and giving yourself permission to enjoy this precious time.  Give it a go and watch the difference.    

So, your body, it has had a big challenge and done an amazing job (carried your baby) and now needs loving back to its slenderness.  If you hate your body, you make it more difficult to let go of any excess weight.  Hate is a negative HEAVY energy and love is a positive LIGHT energy, so which energy do you want in your body?  I go for LOVE.  Love and accept yourself in the present moment, because in this moment this is how you are.  Your body has created a baby, how amazing is that?  Savour this precious time and use affirmations to love your body.  (An affirmation is a positive statement you repeat over and over again in your mind, until your subconscious mind accepts and believes it – also feels good to do).

I love and accept myself as I am

I am letting go of excess fat and gaining health and beauty

I am naturally healthy and slender

I easily maintain my ideal weight of.................... (What you want to be)

I am loving myself to slenderness

Create your own affirmations, be playful, and use any statement that feels right for you, saying it as though you already have that which you want.

So, is there anything emotionally we need to let go off too.  I believe that our old suppressed emotions are held in our body, and our body wraps fat around them to protect us from them!  Keep an open mind.  So if that is true, to be naturally slender and happy we need to let go of all of that stuff from the past, which is weighing us down.

Imagine you are sat around a cosy, safe campfire.  You become aware that this campfire is a very special campfire; it represents unconditional love, trust, truth, forgiveness and freedom.  Sense the presence of a guide or mentor with you, someone you trust, feel safe with and whose wisdom you are willing to accept. (Some people like to imagine they have a guardian angel with them).  As you sit at this campfire imagine you can just let go of anything that is held within you that you no longer need or want.  It can be memories, feelings, unhealthy habits and beliefs.  Trusting that the wise part of you knows exactly what is right and ready to let go of and asking your guide/mentor to help you.  Gather it all up from inside you and putting it in to a box, taking as long as you need, checking every corner and any dark spaces, then tie a bow around the box and throw it onto that campfire.  Watch as it burns and turns the negative energy back into positive energy and notice how light and free you feel!!  Then fill all those emptied out spaces within you with that beautiful fountain of golden, loving energy.  Then spend time imagining your life exactly how you want it to be, ask yourself the question “What is the BEST that can happen?” and let yourself get imaginative and playful and vision your future.  

Doing this inner work can have a deep and profound impact on your life.  Our mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined, how amazing is that.  So let’s use our mind in a positive way.  Athletes have used visualisation for many years; businesses are now starting to use it.  It really is worth the effort because you are worth the effort.  YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY, you deserve to love your baby, love your body, and love your life.

If you feel like you would like guidance and support on your inner journey, I would love to work with you.  The therapies that I offer can be used for birth trauma, childhood hurts and wounds, adult traumas, grief, self development and spiritual growth or to learn amazing relaxation and energy healing techniques.  I offer appointments specially tailored to meet your needs.  

I look forward to our paths crossing.

Anne  Winslow x