Wednesday 25 January 2012

Are Our Minds Like a Sat Nav?

I'm starting to believe that our minds are more like a Sat Nav than we could ever image.

With the Sat Nav we put the destination in (postcode) then we listen to the directions to get there.  So what if we just had to put our goal into our mind and then listen to the instructions to get there.

All the successful business coaches use goal setting as a huge part of what they recommend.   There are endless books written all using goal setting as the way to move forward.  Athletes use visualisation of seeing themselves winning (already having the goal) as part of their training.  Religions ask us to pray for what we want (set the goal).

So why haven’t we all got what we want? 

  • Firstly we don’t set the goal, we don’t have a destination.  We drift along like a raft in the sea just being bounced around where life takes us, oblivious to the fact that we could make a difference.  We occasionally dream of something better, but without any serious intent, without writing it down and without visualising and feeling ourselves already having it, it won’t happen. Imagine going out in your car without a destination, you could end up anywhere, or even nowhere, just going round in circles.

  • Secondly, if we have set our goal, then we don’t always listen to the directions/ guidance when we get it.  We shut ourselves off to the instructions on how to get there.  We carry on doing the same things, expecting to get the perfect result.  There is a saying that madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get a different result.  We have to make change for change to happen.  If you become aware and listen you will hear the guidance, it is there whispering to you get up, focus, you can do it, it is nudging you along and as you listen synchronicity will start to happen.  The right people and situations will turn up at the right time, and your life will turn around.  It’s like a magic that happens when you listen and take action.  All the successful people know about this, they either do it naturally or have learned it.

So let’s go for it.  Set the goals, write them down, visualise yourself having them, feel what if feels like to have them, then LISTEN.  Listen to the guidance and take action, do it.  Could it all be as simple as programming your Sat Nav!

Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy New Year - Resolutions?

New Year's Resolutions -  I'm all in favour of setting positive intentions, but I just don't think 1st January is the best time for success.  I've still got a massive box of Thorntons chocolates unopened, a bottle of sparkling wine, plus a lovely raspberry roulade that we started yesterday and I want to enjoy them all.  I don't want to feel a failure by eating them, I don't want to eat them with guilt, I want to experience the pleasure of them all.  So I'm going for moderation not abstaining.  I really don't believe in the all or nothing approach, as you are either starving yourself or over eating. 

Years ago I used to diet and I would literally fast on some days, but on the days I ate I would go mad.  On the run up, to the start of a diet, it would be a time to eat everything you're not going to be allowed to eat, so you would probably get fatter before you even started.  Fortunately in 1994 I read a book that changed my relationship with food and my body for good.  It was called 'The Only Diet There Is' and it was a diet of negative thinking and beliefs.  It teaches you to eat everything with love and to look at the real issues of why you are overeating instead of just trying to use will power to achieve your goal.  You can only keep the will power up so long because the root cause still exists. 

So this year my approach to Christmas was, during December I set lots of positive intentions.  I exercised more than I had been doing.  I made an effort to meditate twice a day, which is transformational in itself.  Believe it or not meditation is the greatest tool to eating healthy, it somehow brings you into alignment with a more naturally healthy you.  I had odd minimalistic eating days when I would just eat fruit in the day then normal eating on an evening.  That helps to stop the overeating becoming a new daily habit. 

So here we are now 1st January, I don't feel my slimmest or healthiest, BUT I've eaten lots of nice things with love and I'm only fractionally heavier because my clothes still fit OK.  So all in all, I'd call it good plan for me.  I shall start weaning off the quantities of chocolate I've been having ready for really healthy eating in February.

I am now offering appointments called 'A New Relationship to Food and Weight' as I believe the key to health, happiness and being our ideal weight lies in letting go of our stress and our past baggage, learning a new positive way of thinking so we can live our life in joy as our natural healthy slender self.

A Happy New Year to you all.  I look forward to seeing you.  An appointment is only a phone call or an e-mail away.  Love Anne xx