Monday 30 August 2010

Inner Peace and Joy of Life

How many people have inner peace?  I would say very few, we tend to think that it is something for strange people who go and live in caves and spend their lives meditating.  But what if that wasn't true, what if we could all live with inner peace, it's a good thought.

Some people are actually afraid of peace as they think it will make their lives boring and there will be no excitement.  The opposite is actually true.  Inner peace magnifies all the joy that we have in life.  Instead of joy being a quick fix that comes and goes, inner peace can create an everlasting joy, an inner contentment that lives with us whatever is going on around us.

So how do we find that peace?  We have to stop, just for a moment and become aware.  Aware of our breath, aware of how we really feel.  Then allow ourselves to surrender to that feeling, whether we regard it as a good or a bad feeling, surrender fully into it and trust that it will take us to peace.

As we surrender into the feeling, allowing ourselves to open like a flower opening it's petals, another feeling may come to the surface.  So once again we surrender and open into it, letting the feelings grow fuller and staying with it.  We continue to do this relaxing into whatever feelings come and just observing them without judgement.  This process will take you into a deep place of peace.  Beneath our feelings and even our pain there is a place of peace.

This is one of the aspects of Journey Therapy learning how to release your emotions rather than running from them for the rest of your life.

We all deserve to be happy, no emotional pain has to last forever.  Start using this technique with gentle emotions, learn to trust it and yourself.  Then you have an amazing tool to use in life.  In the midst of deepest despair peace can be found.