Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Love Is In The Air

February is the month of love and romance - Valentines Day.  

A time to celebrate romance in our lives.  So what if there is no significant other in our lives?  Make a point of being extra kind to yourself, treating yourself, acknowledgeing that you are worthy of your own love and attention.  In fact the most important love, is our own self love.  Without that we have no self worth and it inhibits our joy of life.

Thing about all the good things about yourself instead of the bad.  Acknowledge how far you have come in life.  Tell yourself you deserve to be happy, because you really do.  

So this month enjoy Valentine's day and every day, remembering that you deserve to be happy and treat yourself that way.  As you love and accept yourself more, you radiate that love out to the world, and others feel it and benefit from it.

SPREAD THE LOVE, make a difference in the world!