Friday, 13 November 2015

Can Our Future Selves Help to Heal Us?

Had some great news this morning from one of the ladies, Jackie, that usually comes to my group event every month, and wanted to share it with you. This month she couldn't make it because she couldn't walk or drive as she'd had operations on both of her feet. I suggested she tune into us anyway at home and have some still time at home.  The group events are held on a Tuesday evening.
On WEDNESDAY morning (morning after group event) I woke at around 6.30am and immediately thought of Jackie and felt like I wanted to send her the Healing Codes (energy healing that I do) as she had missed out the night before. I did this for quite a while, feeling relaxed as I laid in bed. Then I got a vision of Jackie walking along feeling really tall, healthy, happy and so grateful that she could walk really well now. I realised that this was the FUTURE JACKIE who had already healed so I imagined her walking back to Jackie's house and going and stepping inside of Jackie and ALLOWING HER TO BECOME THAT FUTURE HEALED SELF!!
Yesterday (Thursday) I messaged Jackie with this information and the reply I got was AMAZING. See Below Jackie's reply:
"That is interesting because although I had walked (hobbled) to the post box on Monday and shop on Tuesday my feet were still too swollen to wear anything but my Crocs but yesterday morning (WEDNESDAY) I just knew I could wear my old trainers and felt I could walk to the park. I only meant to go stand there and look at the lake and breathe fresh air but that wasn't enough and I walked round the lake and I did feel amazing. Been out again today and in those old trainers I almost feel normal walking, although my feet are still healing and are still somewhat stiff and sore xx
We know these things work. I was awake at the time you were doing this and can honestly say that I had no thought of being able to do anything really different to the previous day when I woke up, but IT WAS AS THOUGHT SOMETHING 'SHIFTED' BETWEEN WHEN I WOKE AND WHEN I GOT UP AN HOUR OR SO LATER AND I KNEW I COULD DO IT WITH NO ILL EFFECT. (This would have been the time I was doing the energy healing and visioning). On the surface it was a "mad decision" to take what turned out to be a 1 kilometre walk without a stick when I had only walked half the length of my block twice, both times using a stick but as soon as I found I could wear my trainers (couldn't get them on the day before and why I tried again so soon I can't explain) it just felt right.
You can keep sending the codes if you like - they are obviously working. Just about to put on my trainers and "trot" off to the park."
My comments - For me this just sums up the power of this inner work, and I love combining the different therapies I am trained in. I really do believe getting the Future Jackie to step into her was a major plus in this, as she seemed to feel the way I had seen/felt her to be!!!  It also shows the power of distance healing and visioning and of course Jackie's commitment and effort to healing herself.