Sunday, 12 July 2020


Most people have had traumatic times at some point in their lives.  It is natural and it is life, but when it's over then that is when you really need to look after yourself.  During the trauma you have to cope, you have to keep going, you have to do what you need to do to cope and handle it.  This is a strain on your whole being, but it handles it.  It does its best for you.  When it's over your body and mind need support and nurturing, and life may need reassessing.

This applies now, as we come to terms with living in lock down the past few months, and the impact on our lives.  

Fortunately for some people it has been a blessing, the opportunity to have time with their family and even get some rest themselves from their busy busy life.  But there is also the question of "what now", as life does start to resume again, how to keep this family connection and also how to make sure life doesn't go back into busy busy busy and forget all the valuable lessons learned.

For others it has been a very traumatic time, loss of income, worry about the future of employment or their business.  Coping with children home all the time, and the impact the situation has on the children, home schooling and perhaps even still working yourself.  Then of course all the Front Line people who have worked flat out, under such pressure and worry for the safety of their family and themselves, as well as the people they come into contact with every day.  The great sadness and worry of not being able to see loved ones, and even worse the loss of loved ones, and not being allowed to have a full funeral, and many more angles each person has personally experienced during this time.  

After the trauma is over, or as it eases now, this is when all the suppressed emotions can come flooding to the surface.  All the feeling you had to push away to cope, all the fear, worry, sadness, anger, need to come out, and need to be released.  At the time you couldn't even acknowledge how hard and difficult it was, how painful it was, because you needed to cope.  Now you stand back and see it all. 

Now is the time to nurture yourself, and do the inner work on yourself, releasing all that trauma, and worry, and worry of the future. This way your body can let go, your mind can let go, and your emotions can let go, allowing your whole being to find the balance and peace again.  You can then get a clear view of where to go now.  How to make sure you really learn from this and create a life even better than before. 

A lovely way to do this is through a one to one appointment, where you are guided on an inner journey, which you are in control of, to heal and release in the gentlest most beneficial way, allowing you to feel light and free afterwards, like a weight has been lifted from you and get inspiration and insights on how to move forward now. 

Are you ready to move forward now, leaving behind all you no longer need, and allow all the love and joy to fill your life?

Contact me for a free initial consultation over the phone to discuss what would work for you.  I look forward to guiding you forward.  

Love and blessings.
Anne xx
07757 26 30 26 

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Transformation Through Relaxation Zoom Event

Monthly Group Sessions - 2nd Tuesday of the Month

Tuesday 13th October 2020
Zoom Log in from 7.15 pm
7.30 pm Session Starts



An opportunity to RELAX your body and mind, to empower you, and heighten your intuition, to help you to flourish and thrive during these challenging times.

 You can sit back, relax and allow me to do the work.  
Take time out for YOU - You Deserve IT!  

The sessions are an hours guided inner journey, incorporating lots of empowering therapy techniques.  They are designed to give you all the usual benefits of meditation, plus help the physical body to heal, repair and renew, and be the best it can be, heighten your intuition/higher wisdom connection, attract to you your best possible future, empowering your life now. 

£15.00 Payable in Advance

You will need to find a comfy, private space, where you will not be disturbed. 

Love and Blessings.
Anne Winslow xx

Contact me to book your place, and receive Zoom link and instructions.
 07757 26 30 26 or e-mail

Further Dates - may be on Zoom or at The Business Hive:

Tuesday 10th November 2020
Tuesday 8th December 2020

Disclaimer:  Therapies are for therapeutic purposes, accessing your own answers.  
This does not take the place of professional, legal and medical advice,
which should be consulted before making any decisions or taking any action.