Friday 29 August 2014

Why De-Clutter?

Never under estimate the power of de-cluttering your home.  Getting rid of all the 'stuff' you no longer need or want.  Amazingly, as you create space and order in your home, it somehow creates space and order in your mind and in that space, inspirational ideas can come, and calm is accessible. 

What if your home is a message to the Universe of how you want your life. What message are you sending out?  Is it order or is it chaos?

Do you want to hang onto all that out dated and worn out past, or do you want to feel light and free?

Give it a go - fill a black back, see how you feel.  Then fill another.  Let go of the old and no longer needed, make space for the joy of life to fill your mind, body and home.

Get an egg timer.  I have a chicken one to make it fun.  Set if for 20 minutes, that's all, and start.  Everyone can find 20 minutes and open that wardrobe door or that cupboard or drawer, and start going through your things.  

If it feels too overwhelming to let go straight away.  Put them in a black bag for a week, a sort of letting go period, much like businesses give you a cooling off period!! Then let it go.  

It is exciting, it is inspiring and you want to do more, as it feels good.

Go for it, de-clutter your home and let the joy of life flow.


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