Tuesday 14 February 2012

A New Relationship with Food and Weight

I am now excited to be offering 'A NEW RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD AND WEIGHT' appointments.

End the endless battle of dieting and TRANSFORM YOURSELF AND YOUR LIFE.

The great thing is this appointment is still beneficial even if you're not overweight, it's about a new healthier, happier relationship with yourself and food.  No more guilt. 

Often the real cause of overeating is suppressed emotions, little or big upsets from the past that we've pushed away.  We often don't even realise that they are there, but they are hiding under the surface trying to get out.  We have to keep eating to keep them hidden away, and we do this without even realising it.

 Now is the time to let go of the past, love yourself and life.

This is how Zoe describes her experience.  Please contact me for more details.

"I was given Anne's number by a friend who really recommend I see her before trying another slimming club (and most likely failing again!) So very sceptically I called Anne and had a really positive and uplifting chat which made my mind up to visit her.

I was welcomed into her home therapy room which was lovely but was still very sceptical. How could I solve my weight issues like this? I have no major worries in my life and I feel reasonable happy most of the time, but once there I thought well I'm here now may as well go with the flow....nothing to lose.......So after 3 hours of talk and relaxation and the full journey therapy I had worked through issues I never even thought I would come to the surface again.

After the 3 hours I left feeling like a weight had been lifted, I had closure on some issues I had buried over the years and finally feel very positive about me, and starting a new healthier lifestyle.

And sure enough all the advice and guidance given by Anne has made me view food and my weight in a completely different light....Light being the operative word I am shedding the pounds faster than I would ever have done at a slimming club. But most importantly I feel back on track and back in charge of what I do and what I eat thanks to Anne"

Zoe N E Lincs

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