Wednesday 16 May 2012

Are Our Thoughts Affecting Our Friends?

We are all energy, radiating out to the world our thoughts, beliefs, emotions affecting everyone we come into contact with.  So if we are stressed, carry hurts and wounds around with us, we are spreading that energy to the rest of the world, including those we love.

This sounds strange, but what about when we first meet someone, we instantly know if we like them or not.  That's because we sense and feel feel their energy.  It's all going on subconsciously, without us being aware.  Quote from Lynne McTaggart - The latest biology demonstrates that we are sending to others and receiving energy back at every moment via a tiny subatomic stream of light emissions.  In a sense we are having an invisible conversation all the time.  This means that your thoughts, like every other energy, are being sent out every moment of your life, even when you are asleep.  She further adds - Few of us are conscious enough to recognise how contagious our thoughts are and how deeply they effect others.  After all, your thoughts are affecting everything and everybody at every moment.  When you are unhappy (even without showing it), you are consciously affecting everyone with whom you come into contact and in turn their entire network of contacts - for the worst?  end of quote.

So don't despair, if we are spreading our energy to the world that means we can spread our HAPPINESS too.  That's why doing the inner work on ourselves is so important.  Healing our hurts and wounds, forgiveness, learning relaxation techniques to let go of stress, so we are affecting our friends and loved ones and everyone else in a good way.  

So what better motivation to be happy, to think kind thoughts, to spread love and kindness.  Transforming the world starts with one happy thought from YOU!

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