Tuesday 20 November 2012

What Are We Really Searching For FOOD OR LOVE?

Thinking about the need to comfort eat and drink, which seems to be something most of us do. I have been asking what is it I really want?  Why do I do it when I want to feel light, free and healthy.  So working through it with EFT, I first came up with - "I want the comfort and pleasure it gives me, I don't want to let that go, it would be like deprivation to not have it, it's a way of loving myself and letting myself know that I am worthy".  

See, it really is so much more than being greedy!!  We associate it with LOVE, WORTH, JOY even ABUNDANCE (I can have as much as I want).

The realisation, it's not the food or the drink we really want, it's the FEELINGS. We want to feel Loved, Special, Worthy.   I then used Journey Therapy asking the wise part of me if it could come up with alternative healthy ways to let me have those feeling without the need to eat and drink the comfort food. (NEED being an important word, because it's not saying we can't have the food or drink, it's about not needing them to feel the positive feelings).  I continued doing the inner work on this aspect of myself, bringing all parts into alignment with new healthy ways of living.  

So this morning I woke up with the realisation that what we really want is 'Nourishment for our Soul' and that can be many different things for different people.  A walk in nature, laughter with a friend, MEDITATION, loving ourselves as we are.  Letting go of the endless search for those feeling outside of ourselves in food and drink and going within and making friends with ourselves.  Wow, how simple is that. 

Food, weight, eating is not all about will power, it's also about the need for LOVE.  We need to nourish our souls enough so we don't throw our eating out of balance.  

When we do eat, we need to love it, savour it, let it nourish our soul, that way it will satisfy us and we won't need to keep on eating endlessly.  This doesn't mean we can't have the foods we desire it's about enjoying them with full attention so we get the full benefit from it.  It's no use reading the paper or watching the TV while you eat as that is literally just shovelling  it down with no real nourishment to our soul, what we need is interaction with the food and ourselves.

So if you are going to have a cream cake, sit down, savour it, love it, enjoy it (no guilt as that brings negative energy into the situation) and let it nourish your soul.  

I've found over the years the best way to work on my relationship with food has always been to go within.  Meditation, inner work (Journey Therapy, EFT,Healing Codes) and when I overeat I trust that in the grand scheme of things, one day is not going to make that much difference (even 2 or 3 days!).  The secret then is not to let it go on longer than that.  If you are still wanting to overeat after that then there is a need to do some inner work and heal the real issue.  This is where Journey Therapy, EFT and Healing Codes really help.  It's not always easy but I have found it so much easier than the old way of dieting and punishment.  I look at is as learning to love myself to health and slenderness.

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