Wednesday 6 April 2011


What do we really want in life?  We think it's 'stuff', possessions, a bigger house, a newer car, a better job but what we all really want, is quite simply happiness.  All of the things that we want only actually give us a feeling.  When we get that new car we are so excited, we adore it, we feel proud everytime we walk up to it, but it doesn't last, soon it just becomes 'the car' again like the last one did. 

So why don't we just aim for the feeling of happiness, without the constant struggle to obtain 'more, bigger, better'.  If we can find that inner happiness then we are actually in the right vibrational alignment to actually attract all these lovely things we like.  There is nothing wrong with having nice things, it's when we 'need' them to feel happy to prove to the world that we are OK, we've made it, we're successful, then it's gone wrong.  We are all OK exactly as we are, right now, whether we have all the 'stuff' or not.  There is nothing to prove.  Take the pressure of yourself, relax a bit and enjoy life.  What anyone else thinks of you is none of your business, it really doesn't matter.  What you need to be concerned with is what you think of yourself, but not that ego opinion which one moment will tell you that you are great then the next moment it's knocking you down to the floor feeling unworthy.  Connect to the real you, that still quiet place inside of yourself.  This real you will always speak to you kindly, gently, lovingly, you will always be good enough.  What a relief, what a joy.  The battle and struggle is over.  All is well.  You really are good enough right now.  Enjoy the feeling, enjoy life, enjoy your 'stuff' but don't need it.

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