Wednesday 18 May 2011

Blessings Retreat and it's not religious

Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire

I've just been away on a 'Blessings Retreat' in Derbyshire run by Pierre Pradervand author of 'The Gentle Art Of Blessing'.  It was a lovely experience and I've finally got the message, to be really happy we have to work at it, otherwise we are just at the mercy of life being thrown around by the circumstances of our life.

The good news is that the working at it is really quite simple.  All we have to do it send out blessings, kind thoughts, love or even just an intention, as often as we can, all day long.  As the saying goes 'the more the merrier'.  By doing this we are constantly putting ourselves into a positive energy and what we give out we get back.  The law of attraction, like attracts like. 

The really good thing about this is, even when you are really down you can do it and it will lift you.  Think of someone or something really special to you and send them/it love and notice how much better you feel.

The next step then is to send yourself blessings/love in the form of an affirmation :  I send love and blessings to myself in my joy of life, my vibrant health and vitality.  Send it in the positive as if you already have it.  You can add whatever you want.  It's so much fun and amazing how good you start to feel. 

At one point over the weekend we were sent off for half and hour on our own and told to notice everything around us and send it blessings/love/positive energy.  I found myself walking really briskly and being grateful for my body being able to do this.  I even had a little run to appreciate the fact that my body could run.  It gave me a sense of freedom and joy of the moment.  I then climbed a stile and saw 20 baby cows (I know they are called calves but I like to call them babies and I counted them).  They were all laid down in the sun and they let me walk amongst them.  I even touched one of them.  I stood amongst them for about 5 minutes and sent them love and blessings that they have a happy life and they are always treated well. I felt quite emotional at such an experience, their innocence and trust they had of me and their beauty.

I then walked back briskly enjoying being in my body, noticing all the wonders around me.  In Derbyshire there are a lot of wonders to see.

People sometimes associate the work 'blessings' with religion but really it has nothing to do with religion it is just a kindness.  When someone sneezes we say 'bless you', it's a good word that I think we should use more often.

I send BLESSINGS to you all that your lives continue to bring you happiness, health and wellbeing.  (Positive affirmation for you)

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  1. Blessings to you also Anne, I think the journey has begun ;-)David