Wednesday 27 February 2013

How do we Love Unconditionally?

How do we love unconditionally? I believe there is more than one type of love.  There is 'personal love', the people who are in our lives that we care about deeply and they are a lot easier to love unconditionally.  But how do we love the rest of the world?  People we don't know, people who may have hurt or harmed us.  Sometimes it seems mad to even try, but we know that to be truly happy ourselves, we need to LOVE ALL.

So I think it's easier if you divide it into two categories, PERSONAL LOVE (people you care about) and UNIVERSAL LOVE (people you don't know or people you don't like or have hurt/harmed you).  

Personal Love we all understand, and even that can be a rocky road sometimes on the unconditional bit, but mostly we hang in there and it works out.

Universal Love I think of as the energy that runs through the whole of the planet.   That magic energy that lets the bulbs know it's time to transform from a little brown ball and start growing into a beautiful flower.  The energy that makes the sun rise every morning and set every night.  The instinct animals have as newborns to suckle on their mother for food.  The energy that makes magic happen when you least expect it.

So how much easier does it seem to send someone Universal Love?  It's not your personal love, it's the magic energy that runs through the whole of the planet.  Sending someone love and blessings is the easiest and most powerful way to heal a situation and it sets you free and this way you don't have to love them personally, you don't even have to like them.  

So why bother loving these people we don't know, and especially the people we don't like?  It is really quite simple.  The energy of LOVE is the highest energy.  The more we hang out there ourselves, the happier and better our life will be.  So if we decided to send someone we don't like Universal Love we are in fact changing our energy from a lower energy to a higher energy.  It is a win win situation for us.  

Pierre Pradervand wrote a book called 'The Gentle Art of Blessing' and people transformed their own lives just be starting to send out positive energy (love) to everyone and everything.  So  don't take my word or Pierre's, give it a go.  Start with the people you do care about and imagine sending them love, then move on to strangers as you drive or walk down the street, just imagine sending them universal (unconditional) love.  You will probably smile to yourself because it FEELS really good.  Then move on to the people you dislike, it helps to dissolve any lower feelings you may be hanging on to, and that makes YOU feel better.

Imagine how life would be if we all did this.  

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