Monday 11 March 2013

Transform Your Life

I specialise in Journey Therapy and Healing Codes and I recommend everyone try them at least once in their life!

Journey Therapy is about connecting to that place of inner wisdom within us that allows us to see our life in true perspective.  Emotions can be released, forgiveness happens naturally and we remember who we really are and feel that.  This can create a positive turning point in your life.

The Healing Codes is a powerful relaxing healing energy that can be learned in one appointment and used daily yourself.  This is accumalative, and healing is happening at a deep level.  

Both of these therapies can help with so many issues that life throws at you.  For example:

Loss of a loved one,
End of relationships,
Family problems,
Health issues (including cancer)
and they are both great for
Self develoment and
Spiritual growth too.

Comment from client on Facebook: 

Thank you Anne for an amazing 'Journey'.  I'm still very blissed out and the best I've felt in years. You have a true gift! xx  

To find out more call 07757 26 30 26 or E-mail 

I look forward to out paths crossing.

Love and blessings.

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